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  1. Have a Happy Birthday ^_^

  2. Happy Birthday :D

  3. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  4. "John Dies @ the End" by David Wong. Go get, read now.
  5. "Super Sad True Love Story" by Gary Shteyngart. Not really a love story as much as it is a poignant political/economic philosophy statement. The 1984/Brave New World of our generation. Totally blew me away, couldn't put it down. Go read it NOW!
  6. Our Piercings

    I have three holes in each ear lobe and the upper cartilage pierced on my left ear. I also have my nose, lip (center with a stud), naval, and nipples pierced. Last night I added a VCH piercing to the mix and I'm having a hard time not stopping to go look at how freakin' cute it is every few minutes. I'm planning on getting four dermal implants, two on each side, about an inch apart and inch below my collar bones. Hopefully by the end of summer! I haven't ever had a reason to take a peircing out and let the hole close up. I almost took my lip out at one point but I'm glad I kept it and went back to stabbing more body parts! Yay stabbing body parts!
  7. Just discovered a great new author! Tony Vigorito is the shiznitz! I was all loving on Christopher Moore books until I realized I've now read them all, and Amazon recommended I read "Just a couple of days" and "Nine kinds of Naked" by Vigorito and now I'm passing that recommendation on to you. Also, picked up a lovely little children's book "Ten Little Zombies" at Urban Outfitters the other day, and squealed in delight the whole way through. Enjoy these literary marvels
  8. holy shit. we have the same birthday, but mine is may 8th 1978. coincidence? I think not!!

  9. Watchmen - See it Yet?

    sluagh and i saw the midnight show last night, and it was pretty damn good. honestly i've never heard of this comic before (ok not really into comics generally) but i REALLY liked the movie. he does know the comics and he said he really enjoyed it as well
  10. Thank you for attempting to dance for us Friday night!

    We are going to make platform boxes for you guys so THAT will never happen again.

    Good grief!!!

    Love ya!!!


  11. *randomly waves hello* =)