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  1. ​I have done all that. Still getting updates from threads, and it's always a new one, so I can't tell you which threads specifically. Just changed my email address to one I use to dump things, so no biggie.
  2. Since the upgrade, I've been getting notices about responses to posts via email. I've changed notification preferences both on the posts and in general. And they still are coming. Short of changing my email address so the go to an address I don't give a fuck about, how can this be fixed?
  3. Have a Happy Birthday ^_^

  4. Heh. I was getting a little riled until I read past "about as old..." Thanks, all. Missed this on the day.
  5. I can pretty much ditto Bean. Mostly, I couldn't believe the amount of drama I had to deal with once I met people on and through DGN. In retrospect, some things that happened when it comes to off-board interaction were caused by my now ex-husband and problems he had, and not directly by others as things seemed at the time. But others fed the problems rather than step away and I found myself massively disrespected. I didn't know who to trust anymore. If I regret anything, I regret having met most DGN'ers in person. There are exceptions. But overall, interacting with some people I met through DGN caused me to hate both this board and City Club. I'd gone to CC almost every Saturday from the early 90's through the mid 2000's. It was a home away from home. But it became massively tainted. So I just couldn't enjoy myself there anymore. But I did meet some fantastic people here. Some I consider friends, some acquaintances who maybe I'd wished I'd been able to know better as well. I also got very, very tired of certain people's need to constantly turn every thread into a jokefest. I have a hell of a sense of humor, prefer a jolly good time to bumfests. But sometimes it's ok to just let a serious subject be just that - serious. The "LOOK AT ME!!! AIN'T I FUNNY! ISN'T IT COOL HOW I CAN COMPLETELY DERAIL THE THREAD WITH A SINGLE POST" thing was very rude and unnecessary. I also just plain changed. Some time ago I got on medication that changed my life drastically. I'd suffered from pretty severe depression between 2002 and 2012. The years I lived out of state were the worst. I ended up spending 8-10 hours a day on DGN. The alternative was being nearly bedridden. But that's not me anymore. Hasn't been for over a year. And I just can't bear to sit in front of a computer very long anymore. I've got my life back and other than checking in once in a great while to see if any of the early gens of DGN have popped in, I just don't "need" DGN anymore. I've always admired Troy for his vision and for facilitating this little virtual "home." I haven't always agreed with his methods, and he can attest to that. I wish DGN were vibrant and active like it once was, honestly. I know it helped a lot of people one way or another, just as sometimes it was the portal to drama and negativity for others. Long live DGN
  6. Fav pic of yourself

    Dressed for a fetish party at a local club last weekend...
  7. Not really. I peek in once in a blue moon. But the days of me spending any sort of viable time on message boards is long past.
  8. Kinda happened last minute. But Corvus and I will be there tonight. If you want to hunt us down, I'll be in red, black & blonde falls, red leather corset, little black skirt, black patent jacket & boots. Corvus will be mostly in black and towering. If you track us down, come introduce yourself.
  9. Corvus and I are hatching a scheme to drive down from TC some weekend soon. This will include Saturday night at City Club. Stay tuned...