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  1. Have a Happy Birthday ^_^

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  3. Well, "True Blood" is finally over. Thoughts?
  4. Russian Climbing / Free Running / Parkour / ...

  5. Now Wearing...

    It's getting warm out there. Time to change into a kilt.
  6. What are you about to go do?

    I heard back from my publisher. He likes what I have so far and is looking forward to seeing a final draft. So today I plan on writing revisions. But, I'll probably get sidetracked with writing up submissions for a friend's book instead, and/or writing a couple magazine articles for my column. First though, lunch.
  7. Fav pic of yourself

    Nightgaunt standing on my head while I lay in broken glass at Manfast: TaysteeWonderBunny and I being all fancy at Mackinac Island: Me as the gladiator Lorarius performing at a variety show:
  8. When I look over my friends list on Facebook, I see an interesting trend. About 10% is family. Another 10% is high school. About 15% is college. There's about 5% from work. Around 20% is from various other sources, interests, hobbies, and such. Then the highest percentage of about 40% is from DGN. Granted, these are just quick estimates because I didn't want to spend the time actually analyzing things. There's another post around here somewhere from a few weeks back where I was trying to think of all the married couples I know who met each other on DGN. My wife and I are one of them.