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    Mostly Sol Invictus now. Also VNV Nation, Assemblage 23, Depeche Mode, Information Society, Coil, Current 93, etc. Drinking. Reading. Watching TV/Movies. Playing CRPG's. All the typical stuff. Socialism/politics/butt stuff.
  1. Who Would You Look Like?

    Proof that I don't make a very good leader. I can't command people for the life of me!
  2. Who Would You Look Like?

    I'm trying to imagine your personality transplanted into Lucy Liu's body. The image cracks me up. :laughing Oh yeah, post images if possible.
  3. Who Would You Look Like?

    Who would you want to look like, though?
  4. Who Would You Look Like?

    Whoopsy... :blushing Feel free to ignore.
  5. So, I got to thinking after my picture thread about who I would look like if I could. I don't know if this has already been gone over on DGN, but what relatively famous person would you look like, if you could? I already posted mine: Sascha Konietzko of KMFDM
  6. City Club Aftermath 9/2

    I was very glad to meet everyone despite a ?slight? overindulgence in alcohol. Meeting Erin, Phee, Missie, Camille (spelling?), and gothmama was a great experience. I can see how some people don't really love city club (wtf was up with the sound system?), but it was definitely a new experience for me. =) Sometime, we'll have to do something where I can hear everyone talk and actually see the people I'm meeting. Overall, a good time. I would say that I was half-in-the-bag, but I was full-in. Next time, I'll try to leave one foot out so we can make some good conversation. Thanks again everyone!
  7. Perhaps the Elder Gods could be of assistance?
  8. Oh, and btw, my name is Eric. I don't really want anyone coming up to me and asking me if I'm HipsterDufus. :laughing
  9. Damn, that is pretty pricey. Is that for a well drink? What are we talking for beers? I hope the music is decent. From what I've been reading, Saturday nights haven't been quite as good as Fridays lately?
  10. Why Do You Live In Michigan?

    I've noticed this as well. Personally, I dislike completely urbanized areas like New York. Where you're surrounded by concrete and you can barely see the sky because the skyscrapers have blotted it all out. It's very claustrophobic feeling to me. I've been in cities that do a nicer job of integrating with their landscape and I can handle them a bit better (San Francisco and Montreal come to mind), but they still can't get rid of the pollution/smells/homelessness of a big city. The unfortunate truth of the big city mentality is that if you want to "make it" as an artist or a musician, I do think that your odds are far better if you live in a bigger city where a "someone" can notice whatever you're doing. I think that finding a patron for your art would be a hell of a lot easier in NYC than Grand Rapids (especially if you want to do something "edgy"). Still, I pretty much live in the suburbs, even though my house is in the city of Grand Rapids. Besides all of the other factors that I've already brought up, I really like where I live and I like the relatively easy access to the natural parts of Michigan. It's nice having the breathing room of my own property.
  11. Cool. How much are we talking for drink prices? I'll probably still arrive semi-early, just because it'll be such a treat for me. No worries though. Staying up until 3-4 (or later) is pretty much always on my weekend agenda.
  12. Yeah, and she's a wildcat, too. j/k. What time do most of the dgners normally arrive? I want to get nice and toasty, so there'll be plenty of dancing time. :devil
  13. Plans will be coming about arrival time and whatnot. It'll probably be around 10:30-11:00, but ideally, I wouldn't mind being earlier. Just to help you recognize me, I'll post a picture of myself: