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  1. DGN Coffee house...

    I'm not really sure... maybe?
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. DGN Coffee house...

    So this one time a thing happened, then it was over. It appears to have happened again.
  4. DGN Coffee house...

    This is a post
  5. Now Listening To ...

    Cowgirl by Underworld! Check out the video here! invisible invisible invisible invisible invisible invisible invisible invisible!
  6. Those are web bots crawling the site. For search engines to work they have to continuously crawl around the internet and *read* everything they can. They are programmed to read and follow links and such. The more sites you have linking to you, the more often the web bots are going to happen across your site. It happens to every site on the internet. Also when it says something like "Google.com is using personal messenger", it doesn't mean it's actually PMing someone, rather it just happens to be crawling the PM.php, (or PM.html, or whatever this site uses) page. Long story short they are just programs gathering information to use in search engines.
  7. **********







  8. DGN Coffee house...

    I r dronk. that is all. I go club saturday. Lick my balls!
  9. ODIMS--are you home yet? If so, WELCOME! If not, git here!

  10. Interesting term native american and In the literal, most of us are in fact Native Americans. what difference is it where our great-great-great-whatever came from?
  11. That number is kind of an illusion. That's 124 guests with in the last 20 minutes, not necessarily at that exact moment you looked at it. Registered members appear as guests as well before they login if they're not set to auto login. There are also certain web bots that don't identify themselves that will show up as "guests" too. Still 124 is a high number.
  12. It used to be perfectly ok to smack the ever loving shit out your wife and kids for disobeying you. Just because something is legal doesn't make it right either.
  13. Phee's terrible gothic poetry thread

    Rotting from the inside, Your choice to ignore, The ebb and flow if this terrible ride, On time, This time, The tide of despair, Knocks you to the floor.