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    Sandy, OR. Originally Livonia, MI
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    Making and listening to muzik, clubbing, driving too fast, RallyCross, Cat Flap, planes, and other stuff.
    Camping, wheeling.

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  1. Now Drinking

    Bell's Two Hearted Ale.
  2. Now Listening To ...

    Wait. While I was posting that the player went on to....
  3. Well didn't go last Saturday as the sound system crapped out Friday night. And dancing to all treble kinda sucked (I did anyway for about an hour before giving up though). I hear though they got a new one, or at least part of it, and it sounds awesome. So I'll be out tonight. Probably the last time I ever set foot in the place too. (I'm sure that by the time I get back to MI next it'll be gone, or maybe not but my days of clubbing will be gone.) This time next week I *should* be on my way back to OR. Company is coming to pack the place up this upcoming Wednesday and then getting a for sale sign on the front lawn and I'm out. Gonna tell the agent to price it to move fast so I can get on affording that pilot's license.
  4. How Are You Feeling?

    Feeling old because I decided not to go to the Velvet Acid Christ show in Hamtramck tonight. (I saw them last year in Portland anyway.)
  5. What do you miss?

    I have a list. I miss my dad (the reason I'm in MI is to deal with his estate). I miss the way my life was last year (2013 has been the year of everything falling apart, but I know things will turn around next year. I have a plan) I miss watching Firefly on channel 50 while getting ready for City Club on Friday nights, and then listening to Troy's collage radio show while getting ready Saturday night. I miss the days I could go to the club and then wake up the next day not feeling like ass. I miss the pre-club parties we had in the parking garage across the street from City Club, the security guard would even join in sometimes. (The garage is gone now) I miss my '72 Volvo (It really was a sweet little tank. 600,000 miles and no signs of giving up). I miss East Alley Records. I miss being able to walk into shops that only sold Anime stuff. I only know of one now, and it's in Bend Oregon (Wabi Sabi). It goes on a bit but I wont bore you, these are just things that seem to pop into my head the most, some are just a permanent fixture in my mind these days.
  6. what are you doing right now?

    Watching Blood-C.
  7. If you won the lottery....

    If I won it. I'd pay off all my debt (it's actually small now so that would be easy, in fact it'll all be mostly payed off by the end of the year anyway). Pay off my mom's house. Buy a nice little house of my own on a few acres in the mountains. Restore my '83 Subaru as it is like a family member now. Get my pilot's license and buy a Piper Cub (actually probably a Carbon Cub). Done. Just put the rest in some sort of growing savings and enjoy life. Oh. And I might consider paying off my buddies house he just bought. Need him to be able to afford to tag along on the camping trips I'd be doing. Though he has a job he likes that pays him stupid amounts of money now. So I think he proly has it covered.
  8. I've always had this problem with the fact I live 2,500 miles away now. Yeah the internet is always right there. But life on the west coast demands I pay attention to it and thoughts drift away from MI. I'm always back on here though when I'm in town (like now). But trips back to MI have been fewer and fewer. And this recent trip may even be close to the last as family either dies or moves away. :( But I think I'll make a note on the wall over the computer when I get home. "Check DGN every so often jerk!"
  9. Song that describes your mood right now

    This as well. My mp3 player is headed in the right direction tonight while getting ready for CC. 3 songs I love in a row. And fit perfectly right now. I always love it when it hits this kind of lineup while camping (I go camping with many many watts of sound, we even have lasers and strobes sometimes).