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    I blame DGN for everything. I blame DGN for giving me some pretty cool and genuine friends. I blame DGN for making me love Detroit (which is supposedly unlovable...utter shite!). I blame DGN for giving me the one man who totally and completely "gets" me, tolerates my tattoo addiction, and thinks I'm beautiful 1st thing in the morning, despite the fact that I look like a fat boy.What an amazing man...

    Thank you, DGN. It's ALL your fault.

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  1. How Are You Feeling?

    Be prepared for an upcoming goth night skate. I intend to make it a fundraiser for the league. Hopefully, you all can come out!
  2. How Are You Feeling?

    Pretty stoked. I just started a Jr. Roller Derby league, called Darlings of Destruction. We are planning a goth night fundraiser at Gemini in Rochester Hills, where we will be playing
  3. Fav pic of yourself

    You two look amazing <3
  4. How Are You Feeling?

    I have derby practice tonight. I feel like f*cking people's shit up ~
  5. How Are You Feeling?

    Oh wait...say what?? The 3 bitches didn't get 100% on the test today, and I did? Awww, poor pathetic bitches. I tried to help you, and all you did was talk shit. I'm feeling smug. And I like it.
  6. How Are You Feeling?

    I feel like it isn't easy to be a 44-year-old senior in Cosmetology school (as of next week). Because of the extent of my knowledge on nails,makeup, and color,I get the distinct honour of being talked about behind my back. I get called a loud-mouthed know-it-all. Oh, excuse me, you slow-moving, I-take-2-hours-for-a-haircut-and-STILL-fuck-it-up whores, good luck graduating. Bitches. See you in about 2 years when you fuck up so badly that you're forced to do it over and I'M your Educator.
  7. Fav pic of yourself

    *blush* Thank you
  8. Fav pic of yourself

    You look pretty kickass yourself, Mr. Deadcat
  9. What are you about to go do?

    Knock a couple of bitches down at practice. They're asking for it.
  10. Fav pic of yourself

    Newness, taken by Jeff:
  11. Fav pic of yourself

  12. Fav pic of yourself

    Thank you *blush* Thank you Thank you!! Tits...SHUSH!! You are beautiful!!
  13. Fav pic of yourself

    Taken by Lewis Dennison