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    Interest, yes... something like that.<br /><br />And to further my whore-ish-ness...<br /><br />
  1. Caturday!

  2. Caturday!

  3. Me, lost? Nooooo, just busy in the work world. Once I go home, I try to spend considerably less time on the web than I have to during the day. I'm still around though, I promise.

  4. *knock knock* I didnt lose you again did i? *looks around*

  5. Ah, I know those topics well!
  6. Best Brand Name Booze

    One of my alltime favorite liquors is Drambuie - on ice most of the time, with sprite if I'm feeling like I need bubbles. Vodka - flavored, I prefer stoli, probably out of habit more than anything, plain I prefer sky.
  7. By the way... how much was the radio bill per month? Have you looked into Live 365? I'm sure you have, since you're thorough, just wondering how it compares.
  8. I understand that the radio is going on vacation, for who knows how long.... BUT - I thought you might like to fix a file, since it's in your database. You've got the song "Witt Heppner Die Flut" credited to Rammstein, but it's definately not a rammstein tune, unless they're doing back-up for Wolfsheim.
  9. Phee and Paperheart's "SERIOUS" thread

    I just ate some seriously delicious homeade pizza with a serious amount of roasted garlic on it. And now I seriously have extremely serious garlic breath. But, in all seriousness, I'm seriously okay with that.