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  1. But your count shows 17,553.
  2. I finally got to watch Independence Day Resurgence. I was impressed. Usually sequels fall short but for me, this one didn't. I found myself with the same feelings the first one gave me. The way the action and acting pulled me in on the first one, the second did the same. Overall definitely worth the watch. After watching that, I went over to watch Dracula on Svengoolie. It's the Bela Lugosi original.
  3. DLST doesn't bother me, I can't sleep for crap anyway. Unless it's daytime. Somehow I got on this vampire sleep schedule and no matter how much I try, I can't change it. Really sucks.
  4. You may want to walk instead of run. It would be safer.
  5. I shall be there and my roommate will also be coming. I will take a card if they are available. I'm still trying to find the Avery business cards I have but can't find where I put them. The ones I have are the square corner type.
  6. I'm still looking for the package of Avery business cards I have although the ones I have are the square corner, not rounded.
  7. And I was told to ready the torches and pitchforks. Do you have any idea how long it took to find where I had it all stored? Now I have to put it all away. Damn!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Taking care of a few things around the house before roommate and I head out to the Red Apple.
  9. Strange because even Trump is now saying he doesn't want to cut SSD, SS, Medicare and Medicaid. As it stands, the bill won't pass the house because of some of the cuts you mentioned. It is getting too confusing anymore in Washington because they keep changing what they say everytime they are asked a question. Sad part is is that social security IS NOT a government handout like some people think. It is a trust fund that is funded by the taxes taken out of our paychecks. The government was not to be able to borrow from it but somehow someone found a loophole or just ignored the rules and took money from it to balance the budget and fund pet projects. It is time for Washington to take pay cuts and start returning the money they borrowed. If our new president wants to prove he is for all the people and not just the rich, then he needs to prove it by fixing, not removing the programs we need to help Americans and quit sending all that money they send overseas. if he wants us to believe his America first then it is time to put up otherwise he will just prove he is nothing more than an ass who is just as bad if not worse that the career politicians he bitched about. Which with all the removal of regulations to protect the environment, regulations to get the auto industry to make cars more fuel efficient and others makes the public believe all he is after is to make the rich richer on the backs of the poor.
  10. Go to O'Reilly's auto parts website http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/home.oap and in the search bar put in 121g and hit search and get an interesting response and the only item to show should make you laugh.
  11. I'd like to do this with my mom's ashes.
  12. I shall be there and would like a card. My roommate has the day off and mentioned he wants to come with me.
  13. Other than the carrots, that's what we had for dinner.
  14. Don't know what a Jiggs dinner is however I am glad you had a good celebration with family. That is the important part.