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  1. This is for you Troy.
  2. Every now and then this song starts up in my head.
  3. Have you considered using kickstart or it might ne kickstarter. It's like gofundme but it's used by people looking to raise funds to start a business.
  4. I shall be in attendance and would like a card please.
  5. You always seem to have extra energy at the Gatherings. I could use some of it.
  6. I had fun. Just haven't been that active in quite a while so legs let me know they were used more than usual. My back, well that was just from standing a lot. At least it didn't do what it sometimes does when I stand to much. Mess with the motor control nerve. When that happens I walk funny.
  7. We use the same cable company and we don't have that issue. Has me wondering if it has to do with the areas we live in. That they don't seem to mess with the burbs like they do with city.
  8. All this slacking off. I think it's time to bring back spankings. Yes spankings should be administered. MUAHAHAhahahahahahaha.
  9. Agreed. My nieces used and abused me last 4 days. And I couldn't sleep Tuesday night. Legs and back were still hurting from Necto's from Monday night. Waiting to get roommate from work then unless the usual "you are now awake" hits, will be getting some much needed sleep.
  10. I shall be there and would like a card. I am in need of Tron's energy since my nieces have worked me over since Saturday and Katana decided she needed to fix my hair, over and over and over and over again.
  11. Getting to spend the weekend with my nieces. I miss them so much so when I get to see them it is always special to me.
  12. About to get ready to go to Necto's tonight. Been a long while since I have been there. Should be fun.
  13. Feeling pretty happy. Today I was given a combat capable samurai sword as a gift.
  14. This might work. Click on the down arrow next to your name where you sign in. Then click on manage followed content. Then pick something listed and click change preferences. A box will pop up. Under the first listing, a notification and an email when new content is posted, there will be in red change how the notification is sent. Click on that and you will be taken to home>notifications>options page. There you can unclick the options and hopefully that will take care of it for you. I know that's a lot to do but it is the only way I found to get to that point. I am sure there is an easier way.
  15. I shall be there and would like a card please.