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  1. The Gathering 76

    I shall be attending this gathering and would appreciate a card please.
  2. What Are You Thinking?

    So this means your right hand does all the work?
  3. What Are You Thinking?

    What else can go wrong. We have a flat tire and no jack and no money to replace the tire. Unless we get lucky, looks like I won't make it to the Red Apple Thursday.
  4. What Are You Thinking?

    I might step outside since we have clear skies and the moon isn't too high and see if I can spot any shooting stars tonight.
  5. The Gathering 75 - Jennifer's Birthday

    My goal is to be there provided we still have gas in the car. I would like a card please.
  6. How Are You Feeling?

    Like crap. I realized that something I said last night may have come across wrong. My intent was to add a second thought but I believe the way I phrased it and explained it didn't sound cool. it wasn't meant to be that way but looking back I think it sounded bad. Add onto that the fact that I can't see any way to enter a photo contest since there is no way to raise about $100 to do it and my night went to hell. It's getting to the point that I am starting to think I should just disappear again. Just shut down, avoid groups, avoid talking so I don't say anything stupid again. Maybe it would be better overall. My idea was to add not a second option but an addition to an idea but looking back, I realize that how I said it sounded more like I was hijacking the idea. That was not my intent. However the way I said it and explained things, it sounded like I was pushing my way in and trying to change it to suit me. At times my social interaction skills suck. I guess I just need to shut up and go away. So to anyone I may have upset, I do sincerely apologize.
  7. what are you doing right now?

    A load of laundry while watching Star Trek, TOS episode balance of terror.
  8. what are you doing right now?

    Getting ready to head out to the Red Apple.
  9. What Are You Thinking?

    That is so true. Right now Katana is trying to climb in my lap while I am typing.
  10. How Are You Feeling?

    Ahh. Having my bedroom in the basement, I am used to the cooler temps. When the A/C is running most of the cold air comes down here and in the winter, heat rises so again cool room. But I sleep better that way usually.
  11. How Are You Feeling?

    That is just blanket weather. No need for heat.
  12. What Are You Thinking?

    That I won't be getting any sleep. The munchkins are awake and they are calling for me so I shall perform my uncle duties and keep them happy.
  13. The Gathering 74

    I plan to attend and would appreciate a card please.