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  1. Thank you all. Yes Troy, dinner sounds great as does a monthly get together. Count me in when you all gather. Have a nice week everyone:)
  2. Will try to make this if I'm back in the D.
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  4. This is Robert from D:KONSTRUCT. I just moved back into town. I have missed you all very much. When you see me I may look a little different as I have lost 195 pounds over the past year. It feels good and I'm ready to dance and see many of you once again. Feel free to drop me a message sometime. have a pleasant day:)
  5. Have a Happy Birthday ^_^

  6. D:Konstruct is also playing this show now:)
  7. New album release April 2014

  8. The CD release has been post pond. We will not have the CD's in time for the show so I am going to wait. See you soon!
  9. Greetings to all! We are going to be releasing our new album Kill Your Memories at the Tangent on November 9th. Our new keyboardist/bass player Darrin Balagna will be joining us as well. Here is the FB page: https://www.facebook...28137743974657/ Aside from our performance, there will be a lot of great local artwork from "friends of ours" We hope to see you there! Robert D:Konstruct
  10. Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that we are finishing up the final touches of our new album "Kill Your Memories". We will be doing a CD release party through Doc's Art Audio Angst event on November 9th at the Tangent Ballroom. That evening we will not only play the album live for all of you but also introduce our newest band member Darrin Balagna. I will post a flyer when I get one from Doc. Our reverberation site will be updated with song samples in the next few weeks. We hope you come out and join us. See you soon!
  11. Who Here Is Single

    Good luck Kat! Stay strong for yourself.
  12. Who Here Is Single

    I agree with you Kat. There is a difference. A real man strives to please a woman and show her respect at the same time. Boys haven't developed that awareness yet or maturity for that matter. But don't be intimidated by men. Sadly, some would use that to their advantage. Believe in yourself. As for myself, I hate asking people out. I'm not very good at it so I will simply wait until I run into someone who wants to hang out casually as friends and if something happens it happens. Friendships are valuable to me so I await this instead of searching for love. I have learned to stop looking for it. It may or it may never find you. I am learning to just be content with myself and rebuild myself physical, mentally, and spiritually.