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  1. Well well look who the cat dragged in.... moi!!!! ive missed you all! Long story short, in a divorce, I now have a beautiful, loving 2 year old son (how he's so sweet when his parents are both dicks idk!), and I'm preparing to move back to Detroit to pursue my dark art career and open my gallery!!!! ive missed you sickos!!!!!
  2. Get My Fat Ass In Shape

    I personally love planet fitness, great tanning, cheap price, and the occasional attention whore who has no clue how to lift weights, so they just so weird stuff to stick their rear it (no, that's not sexist, my PF has 2-3 of them)
  3. The Gathering 13 - Coming?

    Someday I will be able to join my friends!
  4. Well, I am making a movie

    at the risk of sounding like I'm hijacking the thread, once my move is complete we will be opening a first of its kind dark entertainment production focusing on haunted houses, films, tv, photography, and art. I've already got some top talent lined up and some great cross branding in the works, but I always am on the look out for talent, from actors, makeup, set builders, and more. We will also serve as a talent agency for our people! If this appeals to you or anyone else hit me up!
  5. I'm making chocolate frogs...8 for 14 dlvd
  6. I don't know why I'm posting right now, but I just really need to talk to people, even though I really have nothing interesting to say. Life in a loveless marriage really isn't a life worth living, and if it wasn't for my son I would've left months ago. I know I need to file for divorce, and not just live separated, but something in me won't let me do it. I don't love her, hell I do t even like her! Feelings seem to be mutual. I haven't had sex in a year, and anyone who knows me knows the level of drive i have. financially, she's killing me. I have several legal cases against me now because of her shitty money managing, and I'm in severe debt. The kicker is, if I would just leave and only be responsible for myself and my son, I'd be debt free before 2017, and I could return to school that why can't I pull the trigger? shes killing me slowly, she's killed my passions, my enjoyment, and she's destroyed my self confidence. I talked to a shrink twice, and she doesn't think I need meds or anything...just that I hate my marriage. now I'm by no means suicidal, I would never kill myself...but the thought of death is quite appealing at this point (no this is not a cry for help! I wouldn't let his bitch beat me!) I'm just very alone
  7. I feel for ya Troy. The ex bitch has killed my finances too, including now I have to go down to SCS and fight over a water bill (1500 for 6 months my ass!) all money I don't have! its not healthy...but try what I do...absinthe, cloves, and Netflix (no chilling!)
  8. You have no idea how badly I want to come. The divorce has really been kicking my ass...and she's kicking the other side!
  9. I just got this done about two weeks ago and frankly, with the exception of having my son, may be the best decision I've ever made. The divorce hasn't been signed off yet but the tattoo is a total nerdy babe magnet! bonus points if you know what it's from! alao, just a heads up, I've started a new Facebook group, Michigan's Order of the Phoenix. It's a Harry Potter fan group for likeminded people in the Tristate area. Long term, we'd love to have some meet ups, maybe do some trips/cosplays, etc! Look us up if you're interested!
  10. Oh from don't tease me you know your French makes me go wild lol
  11. This guy! Something has broken inside of me, and the idea of living with my wife any further drives me insane, so I'll be out shortly once the paperwork is finished. I finally can afford it! i got a promotion at the casino for a ton of cash, but I'm using it as a springboard to get in down at MGM, which i think I may finally have an interview for. Miss you folks!
  12. New Hangout - READ PLEASE

    But then you wouldn't let me leave kst, if be at your house forever xP