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  1. Making plans...
  2. Getting multiple quotes.
  3. Now that I've seen the Monchichis off to school/field trip and gotten the fur babies fed and cleaned up, I am getting myself ready to head across town.
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  5. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I just saw a commercial where these people from all over, were having an emotional experience over...Starbucks Iced Tea...WHA...???!!!??? I actually thought it was a commercial about positive thinking or a cure for mental illness...yeah...I was WAY OFF...
  6. Bill pays...
  7. Just great...all of the property taxes came in at exactly the same time. Gonna have to hold some things until next month.
  8. Maybe you should go all "High Maintenance Diva" on him because right now he sees you as a potentially easy score target because stereotypically women with low self esteem are seen as "easy" and that they really want advances even when they say "NO".
  9. Hopefully getting your house in proper order for real estate purposes will help alleviate some of those feelings.
  10. Shark Week on Discovery Channel
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  12. With the reorganizing of my area to the "Cooking Kitchen", some things are starting to feel like normal again. I like that feeling.
  13. Also, I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds with my previous post