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  1. Just starting to feel punchy, but I got a lot taken care of and handled a few situations all before 5:30am.
  2. Taking a medication break. The rest I took after getting back from chauffeuring to Warren actually helped keep the pain away. This is the first time I have had to take any pain pills since 10:30am yesterday morning...yay.
  3. I think I'm out of phase...
  4. Well, dang. Sounds like you poked the hornet's nest.
  5. I keep getting this weird recurring feeling as if everything is already done. Like I have finished all the projects in my head. Does this mean I'm going senile or that I just don't believe I can actually get these things done in this lifetime. It just feels odd. I have never had EVERYTHING done before. I've even had jokes made about having something along the lines of, "Well, She Tried Her Best" put on my tombstone due to people feeling that I have procrastinated too long. However, it would be nice if this meant I am going to complete everything in a timely manner. I'll just think of it like that...
  6. Feeling like I had better try to get some of these little tasks handled. My tooth has set for the moment and I want something completed/accomplished before the next time I go out due to illness or injury.
  7. Yes, there IS only one option...Self Reliance. For without that, it makes you the same as those you should pity. But that's just my take on it.
  8. It's 55 degrees, the middle of the night and I'm wide awake...time to break out some power tools.
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  10. The not knowing is the hard part...
  11. About to get this day started. Last load of laundry, get breakfast set, get ready to chauffeur to Warren while keeping my pain level manageable.
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  13. At least if feels like the painkillers are starting to work...
  14. This feels stupid. My entire body has become immobilized due to a pain in my face.