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  2. 20oz Red Bull....
  3. Eating breakfast...
  4. Now that I've finished HomeHouse chores, it's about time to head out to start the trim up of the alley property.
  5. 12:02am - Who's Online 1 Member, 0 Anonymous, 12 Guests (See full list) TronRP
  6. Animals Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn
  7. Wonder how I would have missed that price. It didn't come up in my Google
  8. 7:42pm - Who's Online 3 Members, 0 Anonymous, 10 Guests (See full list) TronRP Scyko Kitten superstinger
  9. Biker Saves Injured Kitten and Continues His Trip While Caring for Him "Published on Sep 11, 2015 Cat: Biker Saves Badly Burned Kitten, Continues Cross-Country Trip With Him 32-year-old biker and sheetmetal worker Pat Doody recently rescued a kitten while riding cross country from Nevada to New Jersey. The South Jersey resident and early Volkswagen fan found the kitten at a gas station and named it “Party Cat.” The cat now lives with Doody and has seen a vet."
  10. Stephen Puts The CBO's '23 Million' Estimate Into Perspective "Published on May 26, 2017 The Congressional Budget Office predicted the House's healthcare plan would cover 23 million fewer Americans over the next ten years." Ouch and ouch...
  11. Trump's Israel Visit Aims To Promote Lasting 'Peach' "Published on May 23, 2017 Stephen takes a look at the White House's second presidential stop abroad and second-millionth typo." Face it, there is just no help for this administration. And yet, all I can think of are all the people who posted "Countdowns" to the end of Obama's presidency. Well, I hope they are happy with what they got.
  12. Try not to slack off today...
  13. Wow, downloading those photos took longer than expected.
  14. Yay...the links are working again...