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    Farmington Hill's, michigan
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    Anything to read that keep's my interest and any recommendation's to some good read's is always a plus. Also I love food not that it isn't common but always wanting to try new kinds. I'm a sweet's buff and love desert's and all. I love lot's of kind's of music and I am a musician (currently not in a band) just a vocalist who love's to sing his heart out <3. It's my dream to be in a band one day. Writing poetry and song's. BIG nerd/geek science buff video games, anime, doctor who, the works haha. Anything else you would wonder about just ask me honestly.
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  1. Have a Happy Birthday ^_^

  2. Who Here Is Single

    Anytime! Aslo whoo! I feel good I was able to make someone's day :D
  3. Whats song is on your mind?

    Hey it's just the impression that I get! Keeping mahself alive and free! XP
  4. Who Here Is Single

    Damn that is crazy but I hope your ok in the long run Kat that is something. I say what we go through makes us learn important lesson's in life just like my mom told me. So time to reflect in my mind are just reminder's to keep yourself strong. Also thank for the advice and interesting word's of wisdom haha. You are an awesome person though thank you for the hope! ^_^ Also keep being awesome and never let anyone keep you down hun.
  5. Who Here Is Single

    Oh god forever alone! XD
  6. what are you doing right now?

    Sitting here in front of a computer screen hanging with friends as were all doing things as if stuck in our own little world's haha.
  7. Whats song is on your mind?

    Love it! Always been a big R.E.M. fan :D
  8. Whats song is on your mind?

    I don't know if I got any seether fan's in here. But lately I've had there recently new single " word's as weapon's" stuck in my head. I really like it. The beat and the lyric's just get me, although something I did notice the rhythm sound's like "mad world". Just my food for thought or in this case music. XP
  9. Whats song is on your mind?

    Yesss oh man this song right here! XD Sting is the man!
  10. Who Here Is Single

    I really have been getting stuck on some girl's I just don't have a chance with haha. Even then I hardly try I don't ever mean to be self conscience but I open up to a friend of mine about falling in love or the fact that I kind of like being by myself XD. That's how I kind of have been for a while like on hiatus you know? So I've been single just kind of getting some thing's in my life together anyway also save's money to when you find out your with a gold digger. More or less been single for a while so kind of like it but been thinking of getting back into the scene and trying to find someone who catches my interest and someone is is just simple. Although some people these days is proves difficult from time to time lol, Just dying to live ya know? Get it because I'm a zombie? Nevermind XP
  11. Just got back on in so long.... My absence is futile haha. How has everyone been? Miss me at all? XD

  12. Happy Birthday :D