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  1. Head Case Action Pose...WEEEEEEE!!!!!

  2. Nut Job Alert...YO! :p

  3. OMG! The Beauty Of Some Women

    I don't know what women were all drooling and jaw dropping over??!? Someone send me a link..i want my jaw to drop!!
  4. The Ranger Handbook...yea I know..I'm lame haha.
  5. Who Here Is Single

    I like a woman who is straight to the point. It show's me she is comfortable enough to say what she wants, and I hate shy people.
  6. Happy dance alert :D

  7. We're going o put you on easy street, we're gonna promote you to major, and give you another medal, glorify your exploits and your home a hero, you'll have parades in your honor, make speechs, raise money for war bonds, and all you have to do is be our pal, say nice things about us, tell the folks back home what a good job were doing.

  8. Who Here Is Single

    Honestly if women could just come up to me and be like "come home with me" I would appreciate that, I hate deciphering everything they throw at me. I would be impressed.
  9. smiley face alert :)

  10. So if were going to hell tonight, i ain't goin without a fight, I know I cant take you all but hell i'll try.

  11. Love your profile pic...sweeet!

  12. Who Here Is Single

    I am very single.
  13. Who Here Is Single

    I am very very single.