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  1. How Are You Feeling?

    Pretty flipping amazing.
  2. How Are You Feeling?

    I feel way better than I have in a very long time...
  3. How Are You Feeling? the roller coaster is exhausting. It shouldn't be like this.
  4. How Are You Feeling?

    Heartsick. It could just go away, now.
  5. How Are You Feeling?

    Very, VERY apprehensive. My whole future feels like it's on the line and I don't know how to function...
  6. What Are You Thinking?

    I'm thinking that I'm cautiously optimistic. Very cautious...
  7. How Are You Feeling?

    Fucking angry. I was supposed to go to that wedding with him, and he asked our hot dentist MONTHS ago.
  8. How Are You Feeling?

    He really, really doesn't want to work it out. I feel like I'm being stabbed REPEATEDLY in the heart. REPEATEDLY in my 1,000lb heart...
  9. How Are You Feeling?

    I'd like to call my mom, but all she'll hear is sobbing...
  10. How Are You Feeling?'s ok.
  11. Welcome to Hell. Here's your handbasket. Happy shopping...
  12. How Are You Feeling?

    I'll live, you guys. And believe me...I know ALLL about the pretend empathy. FYI, shit stirrers: Irreconcilable differences. That's all it is. Enjoy.
  13. How Are You Feeling? I didn't really see divorce coming. And for those of you who are friends with both of us on Facebook, please keep it off of there. Thanks.
  14. How Are You Feeling?

    Better. ANYTHING'S better than last Friday... ...and Saturday ...aaaaand Sunday
  15. How Are You Feeling?

    Better than I have in a while...