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  1. Happy Birthday :D

  2. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  3. Sending New Year's Greetings :)

  4. Head Case Action Pose...WEEEEEEE!!!!!

  5. Retired after selling her iceburg off of Greenland as a "secret island of water slides"
  6. My dad and I can't play without a dictionary present and average over 400pt games... each.... My nickname from him is Bingo lol!
  7. Board games- too many to name them all but will try to name some faves... the call of cthulu games (arkham, mansions, etc), descent, starcraft, the mayfair group (catan, the rails games), betrayal on the hill, quarriors, munchkin, risk, scrabble, tomb.... you get the point Tabletop- currently cartoon action heros, within past 9 months- D&D, Star Wars, Rippers (and various other savage world games) Video games- Sadly inept... stuck in the land of like tetris, pyramid solataire, bubble popping type games lol... but if there is one that takes very little hand eye, button pushing skill I will give it a shot (exception would be fighting games where I can rapidly memorize button combos...) But always looking for more gaming friends... especially a good DM (or GM) or good board games
  8. Must check out conquerclub..... love scrabble and risk but find myself lacking people who will play me.. at least twice lol
  9. Howdy Howdy and Happy Birthday :)

  10. What Are You Thinking?

    There is nothing wrong with being a loner... but don't sell yourself short... You seem (via here) to be fun and funny, not full of yourself and a genuinely nice person. Sept 22 I will be going to kinki kitty's fashion show at the leland and then city after for my birthday... there will be a big group of us and hopefully you can meet some cool people... I mean I know we expect a lot (don't lie or be fake, don't be judgemental, mean, or take yourself too seriously) oh... and we are a bunch of sarcastic fucks so don't take anything we say seriously I will most likely have on my knee high purple and black converse and I am almost 6' flat footed..... That should help.... Probably walk in with a short big chested blond and a shorter dark haired man (what's left of it) with glasses... Hope to see you there Oh, and remember this attachment... Preferably you will print it, post it to your mirror, your dashboard, any where you look frequently....
  11. there are times I get self concious about my extra pounds, but then I remember this and all is well
  12. Fav pic of yourself

    more sultry than pouty... very well done
  13. Fav pic of yourself

    very nice!!!!!
  14. no make up

    Long tusks and a shoooooooort, short jacket?