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  1. Hello, I've not been on DGN for ages due to always facing challenges. I've gone through many caregivers via many companies in the last few years. Most companies in MI no longer exist or do not accept payment via my type of insurance. Then when I'd find a good caregiver they only wanted a short, part time job until they got the money they needed, or they'd get preggy and quit. I am looking for a MATURE LADY over 35 who understands life's challenges and has not just been pampered all her life. The job is 3 afternoons per week: M, W, F for a total of 12 hours per week. It's super simple and rewarding. I have placed the ad on various internet spots and the women apply to so many ads they ask "Which one is this again?" or say "I only want a full time job" even though the ads all state that this is a PART TIME, afternoons only job, 3 days per week. I'm in the Wayne-Westland area so if anyone is in the area of GARDEN CITY, WESTLAND, WAYNE, LIVONIA, TAYLOR, DEARBORN HEIGHTS and such, and is interested, please let me know. Due to a car accident and loads of stress I've been battling many issues and if this is not resolved my body may shut down. I should not have to be spending 1000+ hours on this. Why can't caregiver companies in MI be held responsible for what they claim they will do? This state sucks when it comes to the assistance of disabled people. BTW, I have had loads of operations since birth and have medical issues galore. I don't need diapering and stuff like that......for those who worry about "ewe, I wonder what's included". I don't smoke, drink booze, do drugs, and have no std's. I just need physical assistance and to get to the grocery store and such. Please pass this on if you know anyone else w/o kids at home and w/ an open schedule. Thank you.
  2. Is anyone else going to see Skinny Puppy this weds? The person I'm supposed to go with (from OH) probably won't go now. I have 2 free passes so if anyone is going alone and wants to drive both of us (you and me) there let me know. I do not drive due to injuries in the past. If you drive, you can get in free with me. I'm very upset and tired of waiting to find out IF she's going or not so I thought I'd look for a "Plan B" and see if there is anyone else out there who loves them. I'm just looking for a true SP fan who plans on getting there early and staying late to meet them. I've met them almost every single time I've seen them, starting with the first show I saw them perform in 1984 in Chicago. If this woman still does go, I will be obligated to go with her. But to be honest, at this point it's not looking too good. She got a flat tire a week ago (from a MI pothole) and I think she's too worried to drive all this way to MI (and back home again) to see them. Call it intuition or whatever you wish but I have a bad feeling she's going to back out at the very last second. So, I am seeking a RELIABLE person who is free weds night to see Skinny Puppy and is not in a rush to leave as soon as it's over. This is the only thing I'm going to do all year long and I've waited for this tour for years so I am looking forward to meeting them again. I can't be around smokers so if you smoke please just don't do it in the car since I may get sick in your car. Thank you........
  3. All of these items are currently for sale if anyone is interested. I created them all myself. I can make any band, be it a pair of earrings, pendant, or pin.
  4. All of these items are currently for sale if anyone is interested. I created them all myself. I can make any band, be it a pair of earrings, pendant, or pin.
  5. How Are You Feeling?

    I am feeling excited that the Tigers won game 3 to make it quite possible to win this series. Otherwise I'd just feel rather so-so. The search continues for a concert pal in my area to no avail. Hi Troy!
  6. So who do you have the hots for??

    and as always, this site hates me and i spent a long time gathering pics and it would not allow me to post them. Damien Lewis: actor
  7. So who do you have the hots for??

    He's so "pretty" here! Wish I could look that good. I'm not into Chris Pohl perse but these are veryyyyyyyyy yummy pics of him. I can't exactly steal the web site photos of guys on the various "dating sites" so I will stick with celebrities who have free photo access to us fans....
  8. So who do you have the hots for??

    [quote namedid i forget to mention.... and who could forget ... I will shamefully admit that this is the character of Ralph Fiennes that I liked best (for looks) even though he portrayed a total bastard! I've had the hots for this look since grade school thanks to the movies.....
  9. How Are You Feeling?

    Frustrated with all the liars and people who play with other's emotions. I feel.....oh forget it.
  10. A trip to the darker side

    These pixies are a JOKE for someone.
  11. Recommend a band/song

    Project Pitchfork "I live your dream". The animals and the lead singer's look reminds me a bit of Ogre when he has longer hair.
  12. Recommend a band/song

    This didn't list so I'm doing it again. Nina and Lena : Don't kill the animals.
  13. Recommend a band/song

    Don't kill the animals: Lene and Nina!
  14. Recommend a band/song

  15. Welcome to my dark side