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  1. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  2. Phee's terrible gothic poetry thread

    Never darker was the night absent of stars, devoid of light. that evening found me fast asleep aware of the horrors I would meet. I awakened to bright lumnious eyes so like a cat's in both shape and size. "Come with me" it hissed, and thus I followed it into the mist. I could not see but for the fog but I trusted my guide and followed along. My feet found fresh dirt and grass and I heard a Priest in the middle of Mass. I could not comprehend or understand what was happening, or who now held my hand. Then suddenly the night cleared and I saw myself in a place I feared A graveyard, the place of those passed, the home of souls who'd breathed their last. A wedding was happening but where was the bride? I looked down at myself and was terrified. "Who's the groom?" I wondered aloud. "Me." A voice said. I knew that sound. My eyes shot from my wrist to his face Oh the sight, I wish I could have erased! Swiftly I shrank from his rotted touch He protested, "My love, you wound me much!" "Long have I wanted you by my side, nothing has changed since I died." "Tonight my pet, I shall have you at last! It shall be as we said in the past." "This nust be a dream!" I gasped. I faltered, but he again rasped. "Tonight we will marry, my dove. Tonight I reclaim my lost love." I looked up at him, eyes bright with tears But before I could speak, he disappeared. I woke up sobbing on his headstone, heartbroken, crying, and alone.
  3. Now Listening To ...

    Cradle of Filth-Nymphetamine
  4. Who Here Is Single

    I am in a very new relationship with a lovely girl who also enjoys the goth lifestyle. Unfortunately, because she lives in Oklahoma, we aren't able to exchange much more than texts, phone calls, and emails. Still, she is...dazzling.
  5. fashion trends that need to happen

    Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick in Rouge Noir (Vamp) needs to be continued. I have never found a better or sexier shade of red.
  6. Was a fine art major (then later lit) although somehow due to a comedy of errors ended up doing computers for a living. Go figure. I remember finding some early 1900s collection of poes works (little tiny bound books) for like two dollars at a used store and being so happy about it.

  7. What's Your Heavenly Name?

    Your Name is Kayla Galatea Simply heavenly!
  8. my the moment. but I'm going to sneak away with Dark Possession by Christine Feehan later