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  1. Happy Birthday :D

  2. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  3. Drop off the face of the earth where did you go? Just wanted to stop by and say what upp! haha

  4. Big Grin alert :D

  5. smiley face alert :)

  6. I was sheltered haha XD my mom didnt like the stuff I was into please you should enlighten me :3 pahleassseee.

  7. You haven't heard of Deathrock and you're on a goth website??? Deathrock is the heart and soul of goth O.O

  8. Good morning, just sending out random hellos. Hello :)

  9. No I have heard f techno :D and I am still familiary new to industrial music but I loveee it :3 But I dont think I have exactly heard death rock before sounds interesting though :D

  10. To similar of names!!!!! Lol, Those are good bands. I mostly am around the Bauhaus, Alien sex fiend, Suixie and the Banshees (Spelled that wrong...not in the mood to correct). Deathrock, techno, industrial

  11. My apoligies my name is ZombieNiXXon but most people just call me nixxon ^_^

  12. Thanks :D Nine inch nails,The white stripes,the casualties,rancid,detones,system of a down. The list gose on haha how abotu you?

  13. I know a lot of goths out west that have all the Deathrocker idea. Sadly they're not around here ;-; I hate it, I just want a relationship like Morticia and her husband, with a guy who knows how to rock life (And nights as well hehehehehe). But If I could find a guy with long black hair too, that would be an instant win. Sometimes I wish I was a guy so I could give girls like me a chance with this heart throb I speak of.
  14. 2012 Shoots

    New photos of shoots, and very slim chances of just phone pics.
  15. Aww, thanks, Same here also for the new friends thing. I'm Nyxiin ^.^ Well Nyxiin the Vyxiin. So what are some of your favorite bands?