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  1. Now Listening To ...

    "The Hungry Years" by Marc Almond, featuring Andi Sex Gang
  2. Whats song is on your mind?

  3. what are you doing right now?

    I've spent the day listening to music. ^_^ It's a happy.
  4. What Are You Thinking?

    Musing on whether the current batch of hopeful suitors and vultures are actually, genuinely interested in me as a person, or whether they're simply interested in being in a relationship/hooking up. All in all the fact that I'm spending time thinking about this useless subject irritates me more than anything.
  5. How Are You Feeling?

    Feeling very asocial. :yawn: It's amusing that text is fine, but in person annoys me today.
  6. I'm having a pretty good year so far! :D Let's hope it stays on this trend~
  7. How Are You Feeling?

    That's really scary and unfortunate.. I hope everything turns out okay. :/
  8. Wow! Those ties are absolutely gorgeous! :O Sorry it didn't work out. :/
  9. How Are You Feeling?

    I have a bit of a headache and low energy today, but am otherwise in a good mood.
  10. PHYSICAL: Height - 5'10 - 6'2". Taller than me, so I can wear heels. Weight/body type - Proportional, thin to medium build. Longer legs than torso. A few extra pounds aren't bad, but preferably a relatively flat stomach. Not a lot of body hair, with a preference towards manscaping. Somewhat in shape, but not too much - I don't like super cut, nor do I like overly out of shape. Has nicely shaped shoulders for biting. Should be in good health, and take a general interest in their health. Gym memberships aren't bad (I'm going to get one soon; would be cool if they went with me). Eyes - Blue or green. Something I'll take note/dote on and want to figure out a metaphorical name for the exact color. Hair - Hair is fantastic! Preferably medium to shoulder length. Slicked back or ponytails are cute. Undercuts are a definite plus. Short mohawks aren't bad. Not afraid to change it up every so often if they want. Color - Either dark brown or black. Unnatural colors like blue, dark auburn, or red are cool too. Facial hair - Needs to suit their facial shape, and needs to be well maintained. Otherwise none is fine, so long as they look good with no facial hair. Eyebrows - Needs to be nicely shaped. Not too big or too small, and taken care of in a not overly noticeable way (like no super long stray hairs). This is mandatory, because I largely believe eyebrows make or break a face. Skin - The more pale the better. Character - European/Caucasian. Facial features need to be generally balanced, with a nice profile. Jaw shouldn't be wider than cheekbones. Clothing - Knows how to dress according to their body type. All around classy, and likes dressing up, but also looks yummy in a casual black wife beater and black pants. I like people who take pride in their appearance. If they like to wear hats, it should be something that suits their facial and body shape. Tattoos - If they have them, need to be, well, not horrible looking by my standards. Certainly not opposed to them, but for something permanent, it should be something they like and not be something they got spur of the moment or regret. EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL: Comfortable in their own skin and not very insecure. A good balance of logic and emotion, that compliments and offsets my often relatively unemotional nature. Is open and honest in all regards - Not afraid to share things. Generally against lying. Works well under pressure, and is a problem solver/fixer type. Not prone to anger issues - I've had bad experiences with that in the past. It's okay if they have mental illnesses, but keeps whatever they may have from overly affecting/influencing the relationship. Is not "crazy," manipulative, or big into drama and fighting. Can pass a background test. PERSONALITY: THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. This will attract me to someone more than anything. Good chemistry ftw. Is a "Yes, and..." person. Extroverted, and can carry the conversation in public so I don't have to. A people person. A subtle, relaxed Alpha mentality, with just a bit of yummy ego here and there. Confident and charismatic. Is laid back and can handle my mischievousness - Basically be the string to my balloon self, that can keep me grounded. Is a giving type of person. I show my affection through gifts, cute notes, and little surprises. It would be nice to have a partner that is similar in that regard. Is kid friendly and adaptable to most any situation. Intelligent, and is a good story teller. Supportive, and encourages me to do and become my best, just as I would them. Loves to learn and improve oneself. Good communication skills, both through texting and over phone calls/Skype. Actively wants to include me in their life and tell me things, sometimes just because. Wants to solve problems as soon as possible. It's okay to go to bed angry, but things shouldn't drag out for a long extended period, or get thrown in my face in a different argument. Not super sensitive, or gets offended easily, but also can take things seriously. A nice balance of the two. A good listener, who takes an interest in my life, just as I would do the same. SPIRITUALITY: Either Wiccan/Pagan, Satanist, Lenient Agnostic, or Lenient/Holiday/Recovering Catholic. Nothing extreme, and open to joking around. SEXUALITY: Heteroflexible or bisexual with a preference towards women. Heterosexual and Asexual are also acceptable. Preference towards monogamous, but okay with flirting. Basically reach some kind of middle ground, and both successfully operate within those terms. Not prone to jealousy - I don't work well with it and will actively clash against it, because it shows insecurities and lack of trust. The exception to that being when the agreed terms and conditions are violated. Not a "Kiss and tell" kind of person, except occasionally to the person in the relationship, because that's after the fact. Not completely vanilla; open to trying new things. Moderately deviant. Enjoys physical contact, like cuddling, kissing, etc. HOBBIES/INTERESTS: A nice overlap of interests, with enough differences to keep things from getting boring. A good conversationalist about their hobbies. Not demanding I get into the things they are into, but also not opposed if I express interest, and vice versa. Enjoys playing sports, camping, and being outside, but also loves board games, D&D, video games, etc. Likes going on adventures, small and big. Anything can be an adventure, really. An artistic kind of mind, whatever the medium may be. Enjoys reading, and keeping generally informed. JOB: Something stable, that makes a comfortable amount of money. Doesn't hate their job. has the kind of attitude about it to where they enjoy telling anecdotes about it, good or bad. Jobs are great, careers are lovelier. A "go-getter" type, who is a natural leader and prone towards advancement. FAMILY: Loyal and dedicated to family. has a good relationship with them. Not dependent on them, nor lives with them. Might eventually want children one day; is open to the idea and hasn't made up their mind either way. Preferably doesn't already have kids, but if so, then has a good working friendship with the ex partner and is involved in the child's life. I've been generally opposed to the idea of marriage for most of my life, but it would be nice to have someone who is dedicated and loyal enough to be able to convince me otherwise (Closet romantic). OTHER: Has a good last name that sounds good with both my first name and any potential future children's names. Is not interested in rushing into relationships; all things in good time, when it feels appropriate. Not the "Five years" type of planner, because that only leads to disappointment, fighting, heartache, and unneeded pressure. Preferably doesn't want to move too often. I like living in Michigan. Casually feminist. Not Republican, or overly interested in politics. Has a pleasant singing voice. Can dance. Swing dancing especially makes me swoon. Be someone I can take as a plus one to a wedding and have an absolute blast with. Isn't necessarily defined by gender expectations - Can rock guyliner if he wants or the occasion arises, is independent enough to take an interest in cooking or sewing, etc. Is okay with me doing the same, like taking an interest in cars, playing sports, making things, etc. Basically so we're not totally helpless to whatever circumstances arise and are generally balanced people. Lives under an hour away. Generally good genetics. Has a good idea of their family history, and okay with genetic testing prior to conceiving. I think it's good to have an idea of what to expect, and make an informed decision. I usually have a preference towards partners having not initially been overly involved in my friend group. Like a "friend of a friend" kind of situation. Seems weird if they're the ex of or has casually slept with friends, but is manageable.
  11. Now Watching...

    I just finished Season One of "The Magicians." All in all, not bad - Kind of like a "Harry Potter in Grad School" feel.
  12. Are you a villain or a Hero?

    You are an Anti-Hero You are not a traditional hero, but you're also not a true villain. Caught in the gray area in between good and evil, you have the potential to be an epic hero in the classical tradition, but you also can deliberately choose to follow the dark path. Celebrate both your positive and negative traits, because there cannot be light without the balance of darkness. Others may see you as a villain, but you know that you are exactly who you are -- an imperfectly perfect human being!
  13. The Official DGN Pity Party Thread!!!

    I want a milkshake or frappuccino, but it's too inconvenient to go out and get one today. #FirstWorldProblems