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  1. Greetings...sending out random hellos. Hello :)

  2. I am as well as one can be I guess...I fell off with my sister Iris so I have decided to be recluse. Hope all is well for you

  3. Hey there, haven't seen you on in a minute. Hope all is well.

  4. Oh really? What happened? Did you talk to Ozzy finally? :p

  5. It was definitely one of the better Friday's however this past friday was the best yet

  6. I had suuuccchhhh a good time :D

  7. Oh...Iris is my favoritest pet EVAR!

    We shall do a dinner within a few weeks!

  8. The light rejects me..and the darkness has betrayed whom do i belong to now?

  9. my apologies for such a late response I didn't wish to be rude..I am usually not up and about until the sun is gone..Iris is my sister so if you know her then It would be a pleasure to hang out..just go through her to set it up..hope to cross paths with you soon...

  10. what are you doing right now?

    smells like smoke and just spent 4 hours a cc trying to dance circles around some chick who I guess was trying to make me jealous by chasing me on the dance floor and bumping into me with her ozzy look a like b/f? clearly should have not returned today....
  11. What Are You Thinking?

    thinking: Why do dumb bitches get the hot goth guys....
  12. Hiya's you!

    You do more here!

    You come for dinner soon!

    I say wanna'!

    Iris said you're cool beans, so, I must meet you!