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  1. planning to visit the USA 2018

    Update on travel plans. The big RV tirp will be 2020 most likely however I still intend making a trip to Michigan to see family and friends next year but decided to in October to let my husband experience American Halloween fun and well raid some of the retailers for some home decor! I will spend like 2 weeks in Michigan which should be enough time to arrange getting in touch or planning to meet up at a event or something in Detroit to see you all. Not this year but next year. The big trip is for when my father in law retires. Gives us more time to really plan things out and stuff. Hope to see some of you next year!
  2. Thank you. I celebrated the weekend after with a nice group of goth friends and a punk in my little gothic abode. We had vegan cake and listened to good music. Best birthday since a long time.
  3. Thanks everyone!!! I had a nice party and a black coffin shaped vegan chocolate cake. Was so cool. <3
  4. Wave Gotik Treffen 2017

    Its ok I understand. So thats why I will have to share albums from other sources.
  5. planning to visit the USA 2018

    I think we will be fine financially but the plans will have to fit to a certain budget of course and depend on if my in laws go with us or not. Health well between my weight loss program and my current cancer stuff. I have cervical/uterine cancer hopefully not more after this operation. My mom and grandmothers had this too. I am not overly worried. It was a tiny area effected and the surgery should have removed it. I will of course have to have very regular examinations. urggh. As long as things are clear I should be fine.
  6. Cat's Crypt

    again due to photo limitations I will share my album from Facebook as its public. Have a look at my place currently as well as how its evolved over the past couple years. Still more exciting things to come. We plan on moving to a bigger place in 2019. It will be when I really go wild and make a gothic living space fit for a aristocratic vampire on a budget lol.
  7. Wave Gotik Treffen 2017

    Due to the fact I have many restriction on here for photo data size and stuff I will share my album from facebook. If you can not view that I will upload to another image site. Please enjoy some photos from this years Wave Gotik Treffen and Gothic POGO festival. I was going to go to M'era Luna but my husband must work and I recently had surgery. I could have gone but without my husband I would be too anxious going myself even if I am seeing many wonderful friends.
  8. planning to visit the USA 2018

    hey all thanks and I definitely hope I get a chance to see you all if we get over there next year. Definitely hinges on health and fiances. If the RV thing does not happen I still want to make a trip to Michigan for a couple weeks and California for a week. I will be without a car and well I might be able to rent one if I renew my old Michigan license while visiting.
  9. Random Acts of Kindness 5.0 - Post, This Means You

    Heres my wishlist. I live in Germany so it might not be as clear cut with amazon.
  10. planning to visit the USA 2018

    No we have to rent an RV. It will be expensive but not as expensive as travel and accommodations if we were to fly, rent cars/take taxis ect. Theres RV rental deals where you can pick it up and drop it off elsewhere. Basically if its just my husband and in laws we would pay around $2000-$2500 for a month RV rental that fits up to 5 people. If my parents join $2200-$2700 for up to 7 people. That cost would be split by couples so if my parents come along it would work out cheaper but I do not think they will or can. The stressfull thing will be I need to try getting my license. It will be over 5 yrs since it expired. Mom tried renewing by mail but my license ended up somehow going back to them and getting destroyed. I would like to help drive or it will be my father in law only driving which would be alot. also fitting everything in 4 weeks that we wanna do. Nearly one week spent in Michigan alone. Though of course some of this hinges on what happens with my grandad. I have a feeling hes not going to make it. He is old, weak and even the outpatient chemo is going to be hard on him but might not be enough as his leukemia is aggressive. I hope if he passes it will not be in horrible pain. Hes a fighter but being around 80 and all the surgeries and stuff hes had this really doesnt look good. Lost my grandmother on the other side of the family. She survived the cancer but her weakened immune system let an infection kill her. Anyways yeah I made my start in DGN to find others like me. I searched online for Michigan goths and stuff. I fondly look back at my beginnings and meeting new people and being inspired to follow my own path. I knew the international goth scene had some big things going on but I hoped to find people in Michigan and had things not gone the way they had I might have still been around and living closer to the city. I wish I could have gotten into the scene earlier but my husband and financial and work schedule didnt allow me to. I knew about city club years before I got to go. I spent my late teens and half my 20s being goth mainly in spirit because of the limits I had in life. Though my divorce basically freed me up to go on an adventure and without many obligations I wanted to go for things and see where I could make it. I still honestly wonder if I will wake up from a dream because I seriously never thought I would end up living in Germany. Moving to California was a big move for me and was a pretty fast decision and move. My dad didnt think I would make it long though its been over 7 yrs now and well anyone who had their doubts now shut up lol. I am not anyone special. Not a model, not a very successful career person or professional, not a youtuber or a rich kid. I was just a nerdy overweight goth girl from a small town, with her head in the clouds, loads of issues and health problems and alot of passion to live a life without regrets and just for for what I want. I grown, learned alot and had quite the rollercoaster of a life but the awesome things more than make up for the shitty ones.
  11. planning to visit the USA 2018

    Hi!! Thank you so much and you are right its a hard thing. I know I can skype with my grandad through my mom but yeah I already seen my grandma go through it, lose her hair and then even though the cancer went into remission her weakened immune system caused her to die form an infection. I am figuring out what we will be doing and I guess it also depends on what my family all things is best. Ii will definitely let you and everyone know what the plans are. Hopefully everything will work out and we can make this trip happen. talk to you soon!
  12. planning to visit the USA 2018

    Hello everyone Well tomorrow marks 5 yrs since I moved to Germany and that was after living about 3 years in southern California. At the moment making plans to visit the USA next year with my husband and in laws as well. They want to see the country. This all depends though on how things go with my grandpa and if my husbandand I have to come round sooner to be there to see him or attend a funeral. He has aggressive leukemia right now. Though if original plans stay in place we would be visiting late summer early autuman in august or september. We plan RVing from New York to LA though making a long stop in Michigan some days to see family and friends. In this case I will be throwing a party weather permitting at Algonac state park because I am not sure the schedule and time to come down to Detroit for club events or what not will be available. Though maybe we can skip off to a club night but would require a ride to and from because wee are not driving a rental RV to Detroit for a club night lol. I would love to see many of you again. I know I did not spend a particularly long time in the scene there before spreading my wings and adventuring off to distant lands but I know it would be nice to visit and see some familar places and faces. DGN is where I first discovered other gruftis like myself and Detroit was the first place I went to and interacted with other goths and dark alternative individuals. t will always hold a special place in my heart! I will keep you all up to date on the plans and stuff. Tschüßie!
  13. what are you doing right now?

    at this moment looking into trying to create a preorder website or indiegogo for raising funds to make prints of art available. Aso need to make a to do list myself. This year and next will be insanely busy. so many medical appointments, surgery, and plans to make.
  14. Anna Varney and Baphomet paintings

    A couple of my newest creations. I intend raising money to get these professional scanned and prints ordered to sell. Well maybe on the Anna Paintings since its an musician theres theres a grey area for divergent fan arts and stuff so I am looking into permission and legal things. I have also some plague drs and a medusa I painted recently. Yeah I love purple alot lol.
  15. What are you about to go do?

    About to go do some shopping and cleaning up the place for tomorrow. Have some goth friends coming by for a little birthday get together for my husband. Preparing for WGT 2017 and planing my year out now that I know when I have appointments for my weightloss stuff. I am going through the process to get surgery.