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    Art, bizarre and strange stuff. Tattoos, piercings, and body modification.
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  1. No we have to rent an RV. It will be expensive but not as expensive as travel and accommodations if we were to fly, rent cars/take taxis ect. Theres RV rental deals where you can pick it up and drop it off elsewhere. Basically if its just my husband and in laws we would pay around $2000-$2500 for a month RV rental that fits up to 5 people. If my parents join $2200-$2700 for up to 7 people. That cost would be split by couples so if my parents come along it would work out cheaper but I do not think they will or can. The stressfull thing will be I need to try getting my license. It will be over 5 yrs since it expired. Mom tried renewing by mail but my license ended up somehow going back to them and getting destroyed. I would like to help drive or it will be my father in law only driving which would be alot. also fitting everything in 4 weeks that we wanna do. Nearly one week spent in Michigan alone. Though of course some of this hinges on what happens with my grandad. I have a feeling hes not going to make it. He is old, weak and even the outpatient chemo is going to be hard on him but might not be enough as his leukemia is aggressive. I hope if he passes it will not be in horrible pain. Hes a fighter but being around 80 and all the surgeries and stuff hes had this really doesnt look good. Lost my grandmother on the other side of the family. She survived the cancer but her weakened immune system let an infection kill her. Anyways yeah I made my start in DGN to find others like me. I searched online for Michigan goths and stuff. I fondly look back at my beginnings and meeting new people and being inspired to follow my own path. I knew the international goth scene had some big things going on but I hoped to find people in Michigan and had things not gone the way they had I might have still been around and living closer to the city. I wish I could have gotten into the scene earlier but my husband and financial and work schedule didnt allow me to. I knew about city club years before I got to go. I spent my late teens and half my 20s being goth mainly in spirit because of the limits I had in life. Though my divorce basically freed me up to go on an adventure and without many obligations I wanted to go for things and see where I could make it. I still honestly wonder if I will wake up from a dream because I seriously never thought I would end up living in Germany. Moving to California was a big move for me and was a pretty fast decision and move. My dad didnt think I would make it long though its been over 7 yrs now and well anyone who had their doubts now shut up lol. I am not anyone special. Not a model, not a very successful career person or professional, not a youtuber or a rich kid. I was just a nerdy overweight goth girl from a small town, with her head in the clouds, loads of issues and health problems and alot of passion to live a life without regrets and just for for what I want. I grown, learned alot and had quite the rollercoaster of a life but the awesome things more than make up for the shitty ones.
  2. Hi!! Thank you so much and you are right its a hard thing. I know I can skype with my grandad through my mom but yeah I already seen my grandma go through it, lose her hair and then even though the cancer went into remission her weakened immune system caused her to die form an infection. I am figuring out what we will be doing and I guess it also depends on what my family all things is best. Ii will definitely let you and everyone know what the plans are. Hopefully everything will work out and we can make this trip happen. talk to you soon!
  3. Hello everyone Well tomorrow marks 5 yrs since I moved to Germany and that was after living about 3 years in southern California. At the moment making plans to visit the USA next year with my husband and in laws as well. They want to see the country. This all depends though on how things go with my grandpa and if my husbandand I have to come round sooner to be there to see him or attend a funeral. He has aggressive leukemia right now. Though if original plans stay in place we would be visiting late summer early autuman in august or september. We plan RVing from New York to LA though making a long stop in Michigan some days to see family and friends. In this case I will be throwing a party weather permitting at Algonac state park because I am not sure the schedule and time to come down to Detroit for club events or what not will be available. Though maybe we can skip off to a club night but would require a ride to and from because wee are not driving a rental RV to Detroit for a club night lol. I would love to see many of you again. I know I did not spend a particularly long time in the scene there before spreading my wings and adventuring off to distant lands but I know it would be nice to visit and see some familar places and faces. DGN is where I first discovered other gruftis like myself and Detroit was the first place I went to and interacted with other goths and dark alternative individuals. t will always hold a special place in my heart! I will keep you all up to date on the plans and stuff. Tschüßie!
  4. at this moment looking into trying to create a preorder website or indiegogo for raising funds to make prints of art available. Aso need to make a to do list myself. This year and next will be insanely busy. so many medical appointments, surgery, and plans to make.
  5. A couple of my newest creations. I intend raising money to get these professional scanned and prints ordered to sell. Well maybe on the Anna Paintings since its an musician theres theres a grey area for divergent fan arts and stuff so I am looking into permission and legal things. I have also some plague drs and a medusa I painted recently. Yeah I love purple alot lol.
  6. About to go do some shopping and cleaning up the place for tomorrow. Have some goth friends coming by for a little birthday get together for my husband. Preparing for WGT 2017 and planing my year out now that I know when I have appointments for my weightloss stuff. I am going through the process to get surgery.
  7. well I actually ordered this beauty from Fan plus friend. Though many things punkrave but cant come in my size and a few killstar things. I am preparing for WGT 2017. Got a new headpiece in the works form Hysteria Machine and a videnoir elizabethian ruff. I look forward to the day when I weight alot less. the process has begun to get my weightloss surgery though. then I will be able to lust for things I can actually wear.
  8. thank you! we had a great time and I am looking forward to more events. I am making loads of friends and the scene here is overwhelming at times. I think shit is this all for real? I wish alll my friends back home could come experience this tooo!
  9. CHROM – „Walked The Line“
  10. Greetings DGN members! Just want to share this amazing video from M'era Luna. Me and my adorable hubby Jurek were filmed and included in the 2016 After Movie for M'era Luna. I can tell you after years of watching videos and their previews and after movies to see myself in one is kind of surreal! I also was interviewed and postted in a Wave Gotik Treffen video from the local new media. They didnt include the interview but some footage of us walking and in a park briefly. I have been making loads of new friends, meeting great people and the move to Germany and Leipzig only keeps getitng better! Look out for me 4:04 seconds in near the end!
  11. My look is ever changing and evolving over the years. In my younger years I had to settle with what my parents got me. Second hand clothes and cheap shit from kmart and family dollar. As I hit my middle and high school years I wanted to fit in so I worked part time jobs in the summer and my grandmother would take me to the mall and give me some extra money to buy a few overpriced trendy brands because I got fed up with being harassed in school. By my junior and senior year I felt sick of it all and I seen goths on tv, movies and very rarely school or shopping at malls (which were all a hour or more drive away) I was in a small town on the river full of rich stuck up kids. I always loved many elements of the goth subculture before I really knew about it. I grew up with much of the music and my mom loved horror films and we watched the Adams family and Munsters and read scary stories and loved vampires. Anyways punk and skateboarder culture was also prevalent so I tested the waters with my family and school by starting to get additional ear piercings since I couldn't get face or tongue ones. I started coloring my hair and wearing studded and spiky things and darker clothes. Then had my wicca witchcraft phase so I adopted more gothic withcy style and that resulted in more harassment but I began to stop caring about fitting in and only dressed or looked normal for jobs. Which felt soul sucking. After high school I got more alternative hair cuts and styles. One time I freaked my friends, family and ex out and shaved my head bald. (no not because Britney) I just wanted to experience it and by that point I was already embracing gothic subculture fully. I found Hot Topic and Torrid but also Ebay helped find some interesting things. My style started kind of punky, went to romantic and vampire goth then I got into cybergoth though I mish mashed different things together as well. Big stompy boots, fluffy leg warmers and spiky goggles. Wanted to get a respirator but never got around to it lol. Most things I liked were black with purple. I came up with The Fairy Gothmother originally as a Halloween costume idea. It became my alter ego and I used it for all gothic forums and usernames. After I left Michigan and spent some time in California I eventually hung up my cyberlox. I noticed the scene there was very haut, vampire, or psycho and gothabilly. Much less cyber goths at least at Bar Sinister. Das Bunker was where the cybers and rivet heads went more often. I for a time simplified my goth style and even tried getting out of it a little due to a relationship I was in but I was not happy. I couldn't get out of it. I just felt happier and prettier and myself wearing black and doing my thing. So I also decided I was going to fully embrace it and no more trying to fit in or please others for any reason as far as mainstream society concerned me. I began going into lolita and victorian gothic fashion. I moved to Germany and now I do a mix usually depending on the event or occasions. For the most part I am now settling with Trad goth. Old school DIY, post punk, bat cave and deathrocker style but I also enjoy the haut and victorian styles as well for events. I have wool dread extensions in with my sides shaved and the tassels of hair by my ears and v shaped bangs. Finally committed to the shaved off eyebrows though I plan having nice ones tattooed one day. When I don't have dreads in I have a deathhawk. I flit between romantic, a slight bit of gypsy, a tiny bit of nu goth style, trad and basically have found my comfortable looks. I have acquired some lovely pieces of custom head dresses and stuff for the big festivals where I go all out with feathers, skulls horns crystals and hoops skirts, corsets and in my signature colors. At last Wave Gotik Treffen I changed my style daily daily which is not uncommon. From elegant to trad with my pikes and big hair, mesh, and band shirts from Bauhaus, christian death, and many classic greats. I basically try styles I like and if it works and I can find things that fit me and flatter me then I adopt it into my many looks. Now that I settled in Leipzig I have access to a plethora of gothic shops and events. theres plenty of inspiration and ideas. If I could make my own clothes I swear one day I will invest in it then I would love to make more custom pieces for myself. The one thing now that makes me happy is I found my tribe. Nothing fills one with much joy more than sitting in a Spontis family meeting for a pike circle and seeing the gruftis young and old looking like something straight out of the 80s. Its surreal!
  12. Its me Cat aka the Fairy Gothmother. Holy shit its been over 4 years since I moved to Deutschland. Home of one of the most bad ass goth scenes. After my humble beginnings in the Detroit scene and then moving to southern California a few years I took the biggest risk and decided if I wanted to really wanted to experience the scene in Germany the best way would be to live there. So here I am now. 4 years and a few months living in Leipzig home of the Wave Gotik Treffen the biggest most well known Gothic festival and gathering. Its been quite the journey. I am married to my fabulous and loving handsome German husband Jurek. We have our gorgeous hairless kitty Gizmo. I am making loads of awesome friends including many elder goths that have been around since the beginning. I been to several festivals including WGT 2 times, Mera Luna going on 2 times, Gothic Pogo festival, and other events thrown by Vanity Noir and Darkflower. Theres such an abundance of events, concerts and clubs here. It was a struggle for me in the states finding much going on near by. I didnt live in Detroit so it was difficult to get to many events especially after my divorce and my car getting sold. I really count myself more than fortunate and still some days wake up pinching myself because for someone like me from small town USA in the rustbelt I never would have expected to get this far. Especially when I look at my family and circumstances surrounding me. Many people tell me I cant do things but I love proving them wrong. Especially as a bigger girl I think people are shocked that I have been able to do all that I have. Many expect a girl like me to sit around home popping out kids, living on welfare and going nowhere in life especially as a goth. My father even lacked much faith in me and mainly due to my weight issues. I however have dreams and goals in life and sitting here in my altbau apartment in Leipzig is a testament to how far I was willing to reach for and it meant taking big risks and making big sacrifices. (not the kind of scarifices that involve killing people or animals lol) I myself have evolved as a person and goth. When I was in the detroit scene I really was a baby bat not in age but experience and knowledge. I even briefly got into the cybergoth thing since it looked cool at the time and seemed to be the big thing in the Detroit scene. I have long ago shed my cyberlox, furry boot covers and goggles and embraced the Trad goth and deathrocker look. I also do some haut goth, tiniest bit of nu goth because face it some of those killstar shirts are pretty cool, and victorian/vampire goth for events but I truly feel comfortable and enjoy sticking with the basics. I grown much better at doing my hair and makeup and thanks to Etsy I am no longer limited to the shops and limited sizes. I prefer custom things anyways. I never had the opportunity to really get to know many of you from DGN or the Detroit scene before I spread my bat wings and flew off. I had newly discovered Michigan even had a scene and went to a few club nights and events before my desire and the opportunity to leave the depressing and toxic situation in my personal life presented itself. I attended one Manfast and won 3rd place dressed as Silent Bob and nearly died in a van with Mark from VNV Nation and Joe Letz from Combichrist because Joe thought it would be fun on a cold snowy night to cover the drivers eyes causing him to lose control on slippery roads and spin nearly smashing other cars and a huge road sign. I met many people at events who were really nice and treated me coool and I think its why I really felt my place was in the goth scene. The acceptance and vibes made me finally feel it was ok to be myself and I found my people. The California scene was cool and while I never ran into elitists I heard there were plenty. I still met some fascinating individuals in the Hollywood and LA clubs. Again I found myself in the difficult situation that I had lived just over an hour from most the gothy things. There was a goth night in the next town but it was small and dying out. I had no luck in the dating world either. All the guys I found interesting, attractive and what not were either taken, gay or not interested lol. I was getting bored and lonely and so I decided fuck it. Go big or go home and set my sights on Germany. Even before I started going to Detroit events and clubs I knew of the festivals in Germany. I seen them on youtube and because I had love for mans German bands and musicians and seeing some rarely if ever came to the states or Detroit/LA I dreamed I could go attend these festivals. Only I knew with my income it would be next to impossible. Whats in store for the future? Well I have a job opportunity coming involving goth winkle-pickers or pikes. Through some friends I met a guy in Leipzig opening up a unisex shoe shop and will be designing shoes for men and women including high heels. We met at one of my friends goth picnics and shes interning for his IT and consulting business. He mentioned that he would love to make pikes and knows they would sell very well in this city. I myself grown to love these shoes and got my own pair nearly a year ago and want any more. I also established myself as an artist at the WGT. I had some of my pieces on display at the inaugural Starla Gallery at the Victorian Village. They are buying a piece from me to auction and display in their future literature and media. I finally met Father Sebastiaan and got fanged by him and joined the Sabertooth clan. We have a large community and he often comes to Germany and leipzig and hosts endless nights at the Absintherie Sixtina plus conclave. Think of Manfast for Vampires but a little more refined (though drunken and naked shenanigans still ensue), elegant and in a huge medieval castle on top of a small mountain overlooking a village in the alps. Making plans to attend maybe next years. I was briefly spotted on German TV in a video about the 25th WGT. I was interviewed a few times. Once by MDR, BBC Radio and MDR Radio. I plan to attend pretty much every WGT now. I mean its right outside my doorstep practically now so I plan to be a regular attendee. I am building up a wardrobe of beautiful outfits, accessories and jewelry. I am making many more friends, got a solid relationship and marriage, and everything is falling into place. I am so happy with things and my move to Germany is paying off. I have more things to tackle like working on my weight and health but otherwise I am truly happy and more at peace than ever before. I hope you enjoy me sharing things periodically. I hope if you have not experienced it yet that one day you can make it to Germany for WGT or one of the many other festivals. Its difficult to explain or express how amazing they are. I will never forget where I got my start though. I have my DGN stickers displayed and tell people I got my start in the dystopian city of Detroit lol.
  13. Labryinth David Bowie tshirt from Lootcrate, black shorts, and my wool dreads.