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  1. Well, this is the most recent shooting in memory. I'm sure I may have missed some things but I don't remember anyone getting shot in my 15+ years of going. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened, but I didn't hear about it. Still, the building has stood since 1927 and in that time yes, many people died. Where do you think all the ghost stories originated from?
  2. Plastic, because you can screw the top back on. nVidia or AMD?
  3. Both! Glock or 1911?
  4. Completely ignoring the fact that NYC and Chicago have just as much if not more shootings and guns are illegal there. Lots of good those gun control laws are doing. Anyway, there were no further issues but they still tightened security a bit anyway. All in all everyone had a safe fun night at the club, per usual. I like it when things go well.
  5. Lol, do you know how many people have died at this building? I'm pretty sure a lot. Hell the Purple Gang used to own it/do business there. I'm pretty sure building security is pissed though.
  6. It's the golden anniversary! I propose this as the card mascot:
  7. I've been working on that rep thing as you know. It's getting better but this once a month event shit is killing me. At least there are other clubs to pick up the slack. With the two previous Small's shows, the City show tonight, the show at Phoenix Cafe tomorrow, and Grasshopper/Necto Monday that's one solid work-week's worth of events! Feels almost like old times. As far as getting the (African/Arab/Asian)-American communities in on it, I'd like to see more of that. I have quite a few black friends and if they all showed up on the same night it would be a very decent turnout. I think part of the problem though is it's seen by many as a predominantly "white culture." I remember this white girl talking to me on X-mas at City about a techno event she was at, but she said she was the only white person there so she felt out of place and took off. I imagine that's what a lot of black folk feel when they come to our events. I think we should all just live together and not worry about it, but I can see where some people would like it more if they could culturally/racially identify with a majority of the people who go. I'm trying to get a black friend of mine to start a local afro-goth group (because obviously I can't do it being whiter than the driven snow) and he's expressed interest in setting something up, and as he said "there is afro-punk so why not afro-goth." I'm hoping that attracts other black people interested in the lifestyle as well. I know even less Asian and Arab goths, but I would like to see something develop in those areas as well. Anyway the scene is only going to grow if we bring in fresh new blood. This is easier said than done it seems. I do run into a few new people though from time to time and that makes me feel good to see some new life in the "overculture."
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  9. I'll probably show up, possibly with people.
  10. Giant spider because the spider is giant so it probably needs to eat a lot, and Guy Fiere is basically flavor town. ISIS or Trump?
  11. Understanding the theory of love helps to explain it. Understanding the different types is important from a sociological standpoint as well as a personal one. Science and math encompass all things. Although understanding things does take away some of the magic in them; I do not believe ignorance to be bliss.
  12. Life is change and society is life. This new Dubstep scene sucks, and everyone is moving toward IDM now. I play oldschool at my events for a reason and as many have pointed out, usually have more people dancing in my area than the other one. Yes, all are welcome; but at least try to fit in a little bit? Still I won't outcast anyone as they outcast us. Unless they try to bring negativity to the group. Even then, if it isn't my group so all I can do is shun them within the group. It's okay there are many people who go to the club who don't say two words to me and we avoid each-other just fine. I wouldn't make a special trip to piss on their grave but I certainly wouldn't mourn their passing either if they did.
  13. Love is a part of all of that, or rather, all those parts make up love as a whole. What you're thinking of is lust. “Money may not buy love, but fighting about it will bankrupt your relationship.” - Michelle Singletary
  14. Well as I said it switches every two weeks. This coming Monday it will be at the Redford Grill, which is in Redford. That's a lot closer to you and it's been hurting for people lately.