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  1. Still no HTTPS support though :(
  2. All this work is great. I'm loving the new theme. It's got spirals which is a nice callback to earlier days.
  3. Who Here Is Single

    Virtual balls /= actual balls. You also have more boob mass than I do. Not to mention I'm pretty sure you've had a kid; so biologically it's all there. I'm sure eventually the right person will come along. It's just the waiting that's kills me (because time kills everything). At least I love myself, which is good because nobody likes a narcissist :D
  4. What Would You Attempt If You Knew You Would Not Fail?

    Pretty much whatever I wanted. I'd ask out that girl I like... again. I'd start a nightclub and revitalize the goth scene. I'd run for president and then abolish the position when I became president. I'd hit dead center of the bullseye of the target at the range. I'd be able to explain simple concepts to people, and they'd actually get it! All of my inventions and software ideas would be a thing. Movies ideas too. I'd solve all the worlds problems and issues. (you didn't specify we had to pick just one thing, but if we did then I'd settle for the first one).
  5. The Gathering 68

    Yeah, now those look great! However they do take up a lot of space in a post, which is partly why I said they'd be better suited to an album that is linked in the post. Takes up WAY less space and the DGN album can always use new content.
  6. Not surprising at all :D Anyone still using IE (or Edge for that matter) who doesn't need to for work (because some idiots don't support the other better browsers) need to get wise to Firefox and Chrome, or literally any other web browser out there. At this point I feel like elinks would work better (which you can run natively in windows 10 now under the Linux subsystem, neat!)
  7. Double post, and Tron already made a post commemorating this event: Go post your nationalism in there
  8. The Gathering 68

    "if you remember" my problem is I never do, and if I do it's probably something that I don't really need to remember. Anyway you could try uploading them to a free image hosting service and just link that here. Or upload them to a personal album of yours and link that album here. Either should fix that issue. Or maybe Troy needs to look into the code and change the sizing restrictions because it's not 2005 anymore and they look small even on my smartphone (which has a better resolution than my main system does!)
  9. The Gathering 69

    Planning on it and Maidstone afterward.
  10. The Gathering 68

    Open the files in Paint (or download GIMP / which are both great free image editing programs) and check the resolution (size/dimensions). You can increase the size in any of those by either inches, centimeters, or pixels (or a percentage of the original size too). Each program works slightly differently but they aren't too hard to get into (I taught myself and I'm sure you're smarter than I am. Failing that there is always youtube as well).
  11. "By definition, alternative medicine has either not been proved to work or been proved not to work. Do you know what they call alternative medicine that has been proven to work? 'Medicine'" ~ Storm by Tim Minchin
  12. The Gathering 68

    Yeah I'm not making it Not making the thing in Yipsi either. I heard storms are rolling through and I'm trying to save on funds anyway. I want a bodycam for driving/other things.
  13. If you want to be passive aggressive about it, pick it up at take-out and go visit her :D
  14. I don't hate them, sorry if I came across as anti-snek. I just like them less than I do mice and other animals with a higher brain capacity. I've also had multiple friends (five off the top of my head) who've owned snakes and hung out with them. Here's an album with my friend Mike who brought out a turtle and a snake (people need FB to view unfortunately). Also I like laughing at horrible things too, because that's about all you can do. I'd have liked it if the snake and the mouse could have both lived and been buddies forever. Unfortunately life doesn't work that way. Also if you noticed I did try to offer (my limited armchair) advice. So I was actively trying to help.
  15. The Gathering 68

    Stroke? Wow, you should be too young for that shit. Hope you're alright. There are ways to mitigate future ones. I'm sure you've seen a doctor and he went over that though. Just get better soon.