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  1. I'm just going to start calling him "Orange Nixon" at this point. Although that might be a disservice to Nixon, which is saying a lot.
  2. I can't speak for DG.N, but for the other forums that I've ran/helped run mod powers can be heavily customized (at least with phpBB anyway). So you get a set of (or all) special functions over a set of (or all) areas. You can edit/move/split/delete posts. See the fabled hidden "trash can" subforum where posts go to die (and future reference). As admin you can edit (some) board settings, add/edit/delete themes and smiley/emoticon packs, add/edit/delete ranks, backup/restore the entire forum, shut off the forum (for maintenance tasks), and generally do anything. You can get a head start by reading the documentation for IPS over at (if you're super bored but it will tell you all you want to know and certainly beats my armchair knowledge from a different forum system). EXTRA: I don't know if you can download a copy of the forum software to run on your own server, but it would be nice to have a test server to play with settings before they go live. That way no one has to worry about breaking the board trying to fix or add features to it. Probably cost some cash though, like everything else. Again, one of the reasons why I like phpBB better is it's free and you pay for support (or you can ask things free on their forum) but you still need your own server to host it (also I know about it so it's easier so I may be a bit biased there too).
  3. Again I should be there, but I wanted to say that I will be making less of these since I'm going to be DJ'ing at The Phoenix Cafe more in the near future.
  4. Yes, it's still pretty good. I'd go more but it's a bit far from me.
  5. I recorded it with an RCA camcorder one year. Burned in the lens but that eventually healed and went away. Had a welding mask so that worked out okay.
  6. Again, I get the reason behind real photos, but I still think it is dumb. There are enough people who use real photos. Mine actually is me, although it's a silhouette. Besides, with the lack of active staff... well, I guess beggars can be choosers As far as issues with the site go, if you have FTP/SSH access you can fix those. I can't imagine it being much harder than phpBB. You just have a link and some text you need to remove or make the link to point to a location that works. The problem with having parts of the site that are nonfunctional is that end users see that and think "oh this site is dying, why do I want to invest my time, especially when I can talk to most of these people on Fakebook." Yes I get that it's hard to keep the machine well oiled and running properly. Maybe it will take a few hours, but if you chip away at it little by little you'll get there eventually. If you have another server locally or something that isn't production, test it on that first. Or have the forum backed up and if it goes tits up then just roll it back. I'm kind of surprised that the server staff will not help you out with what seems to me should be a relatively easy task. I mean what the hell do you pay them for? It's not like you're asking them to recompile the kernel or something.
  7. I prefer huge photos. I have cable and lots of space. Those photos I feel like this:
  8. We need to get you a better camera
  9. Probably
  10. Oh, I was thinking Kent State for some reason. I forgot about this alternative fact. At least I might be able to go look at the sign someone made.
  11. If it's a Wednesday you can go to Bowling Green for their goth night. It's like the goth version of Russian roulette since there's a 1/7 chance of that happening.
  12. So, I just uploaded a crap-ton of Labyrinth photos. I will upload the City Club ones later. You can view them all under my profile
  13. Odd, I always thought that Walgreens was also a subsidiary (heard it somewhere). I only shop at Walmart for cheap ammo, and I still feel bad about it. Sam's Club has much better business practices. I'm not sure about though. Just because their service is good doesn't mean they're a "good" company. Walmart, lowest prices always (even if we have to fuck over our employees to do so.) Though, Amazon probably has its demons as well. It's hard to find an ethical large company.
  14. Wow, that shit is actually good. Should have posted it in "your creations". You should do artwork on the side for cash. I mean you might be rusty but you never really lose those skills. They also say there are some cognitive benefits as well, so it's also therapeutic.