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    Laughing out loud literally and making others do the same. Eating, being silly, more eating, drinking coffee, more coffee, pop, more coffee, sexual innuendo, karaoke and anything music related, innuendos, pretending I'm funny, religion and spirituality, psychology, parapsychology, astrology, astronomy, trying to get skinny, and more coffee please.
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  1. Drying my clothes and laughing internally because my mom was trying to test my blood sugar and she poked me once, than I did it, she did it again and I did it like two more times and she was freaking out like, "oh my god, why won't you bleed, what's wrong with you? Is that from your anemia? " I think..maybe...or dehydration. Idk It was still funnyish.
  2. Drinking coffee. About to get in the shower and go to work. Feeling grateful to have the luxury of being able to say that.
  3. Angels dad would have turned 38 today. He's probably smoking weed in heaven. Just kidding, I don't think the soul can get any higher, can it? I can just visualize him right now, hitting a joint, his eyes all squinting looking at me confused, going, "Mandi, you're a dumbass, now what do we need to make acid? Go get a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook" *true story. He had his mother drive me to the library, almost 9 months pregnant, 17, looking for that book I knew the library wouldn't have it but as he requested I went to ask the librarian and before I got the question out my water broke, our daughter was born 2.5 hours later on October 18th 1996. Yes, I went in labor at the Dearborn Library..almost didn't make it to the hospital.
  4. So far pretty good. I unexpectedly was put in the line leader training class today..on my first day. I didn't even get on the line. That makes me feel positive..line leaders get more money so yay!
  5. I have to get up at 330 am so I probably should go to bed. Call me and wake me up when you guys go to sleep😜
  6. I hope you feel better soon.
  7. Breaking News Alert: I cooked tilapia earlier for dinner. I'll also have enough to take for lunch tomorrow also, there's a storm coming. Back to you, Alex.
  8. It's my fault. I shouldn't be here. I deserve it. I flipped when he did that and that's when he started acting weird. I told him I thought he understood but he tries something at least a few times a day..even if it's subtle. I told him that I couldn't get involved and that he's an awesome friend for helping me the way he is and I am going to give him $ when I get paid for letting me crash. I told him I can not get involved at all to any degree, not even sexually because I'm totally not interested in anything, nothing, like I'm disgusted with anything related to sex, relationships, etc... He will act cool but than keep saying stuff, like today I'm going to tell my mom your my girlfriend! I'm like nooo, what!! Wtf
  9. Huh? What? You mean science is actually on board with the whole, um BEING REAL thing now? Hmmm, so like my glass half empty, raw, brutal, disgusting honesty that I been told to supress, to just think positive all along my approach my entire life was actually...healthy? Hmmm. I can fall back in love with my misery! Thank you science folk! Thank you! (Psst, glad you posted this though seriously, all smart assisms asside) insert random heart
  10. I am getting these vibes off my friend who I been crashing at their house for the past couple weeks. I know he is a lonely guy and I feel like me being here sends him a message that maybe I would like him in more of a platonic way and he even makes comments and actually grabbed my ass the other day so I am so uncomfortable now. I feel like I'm taking advantage of the situation or idk standing in the way of his quest to find love. He's very lonely and he's always on dating sites looking but than he gets stalkerish and has been kicked off like every one I think. Idk, I hate this shit. I don't feel right. I want to leave but there isn't another option. He'll probably kick me out for not giving him what he is wanting. I'll go if that happens. I hate this its depressing.
  11. Dude, I feel you. I hate trying to come up with money like it's either gas or food, everyday. I gotta pick. There is an upside because I have lost like 20 lbs in 5 weeks so soon I'll be not just a homeless chic but a hot, homeless chic. Hey, maybe you can come work at the plant with me. I'm starting Monday. I mean it's probably annoyingly simple and I think even people with developmental disabilities are able to do it because I read somewhere on the employee reviews but you could try. I believe if you get disability and not straight SSI your aloud to earn like 1000 dollars a month. Hell, if I was on disability and I was aloud to make 1000 dollars from working..I would try it. My sister does and they haven't messed with her SSD because she keeps it under threshold. Or, you could hustle some other way too. Just saying. How much is that gadget thingamajig anyhow? I'm super nosy love.
  12. Thank you for that. I have had some crazy experiences and I guess I'm ashamed of a lot even if the things may have been beyond my control. I feel like all most people who don't truly know me see how much "drama" (I had that phrase, btw) I end up having in my life and that's all they see and they think that's all there is to me. I honestly don't intend to come off that way. I do like to tell about things I've experienced. I like to know about other people and what they have experienced as well but it's difficult especially online because of communication issues like the inability to convey the proper tone and intent...things can be taken out of context. Ya know? I know you and I have that ability to get each other though. I trust you and know you aren't judgemental and I appreciate that....I also appreciate the genuine person you are overall. Thank you mi love❤
  13. Don't listen to me. I suck.

    1. TronRP


      Well, generally it's hard to hear a person when they're sucking....


    2. kat


      Haha! True. True! Love it.