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  1. Ou The program assistant went to the program director and was bitching about me with a list of issues such as how I have great ideas but he thinks I don't have confidence and this was my first week because I asked questions about like normal things a new person would like um, where do I find a release form, he didn't even know what I meant when I referred to it by its acronym. The first day I started there was confidential paperwork exposed on the desk she gave me, she takes me in there and goes, oh, so and so left all kinds of stuff here...um you know what to do. You can box up whatever you don't want." It was so innappropriate. It took me two weeks two organize and try to get HIPAA stuff filed or shredded but I had to raise hell to get access to a locking cabinet...that was last week..the program assistant was offended, I told him how I was not comfortable putting myself at risk for a HIPAA and/or recipient rights violation which would ruin your career, I told him for the third time I can't be associated with this..I need a locking cabinet. Simple request you'd think but today it was a big issue he had to get me called in for a suprise meeting to talk about all the issues I thought he was going to take seriously but instead threw me under the bus and whined like a little baby. The place is so messed up that the girl who started with me decided if they won't give her a job description and guidance that she will sit in her car half the day where as I was trying not yo believe the gossip about how we can't trust the program assistant and not to ask him for help...well I should have listened. What was me trying to open up the dialogue between him and staff so everyone would stfu gossiping and bringing the issues to his attention because I mistook him for a professional..oops, big mistake, he wanted me gone, twisted things to make it look like I was the one starting crap..which is ridiculous because I was only there a month and already heard way too much..I wanted to shut it down but his little girlfriend secretary is pissed because she was denied a promotion so she has been dogging the organization since we started.. Oh my god this is the most drama I've ever seen at a job...and it's not even good drama! It's petty, dumb shit...and this is just a fraction. I was backed in a corner and before they could finish this innappropriate meeting I took my badge and office keys, which was already in my pocket because I knew I was done...I didn't let them finish their bullshit. I told her I wanted no part of this program any longer and said good luck. I was set up. They were retalitory because I expressed concern about HIPAA violations..that made them feel threatened. That's ok, HR called me and wanted a statement and idk..something is up..that was weird..the executive director was going to call me but the HR director volunteered because she said she remembered just talking to me that morning. I don't know what is up with thst, maybe because they have so many people walk out. Idk.
  2. I feel like I need someone to understand me right now. I just don't get why being a person like me who values competence and ethics at work seems to be singled out and pegged as trouble because i do what is right. I don't shut up when I see clear violations of not just ethics but legal mandates as well. I can't believe the incompetence, the laziness, the ignorance of colleagues, and in this case a boss. I can't believe how ghetto and flat out ignorant people in human services are now. I am ashamed of this profession. I wasted a lot of money on this shit, people really don't care, it's true. Intelligent people have more mental health issues because they see the real bullshit in the world and it creates internal conflict. I wish I couldn't care, I wish I could stfu about it too. The world is so bad, people are so selfish it's not a place I want to be. Maybe there IS only one option.
  3. Um did that man really just roll up on me and say, "we got a guy and a girl playing Pokemon. We could be having sex, getting drunk, out partying but we're just that big of Pokemon addicts". I think it's time to go home now.
  4. I got a new phone as an early birthday gift that was nice.
  5. Everything is very difficult right now. I hope things start to get better.
  6. Gas income crisis averted, Troy. https://www.google.com/amp/nypost.com/2017/03/24/house-republicans-pull-health-care-bill/amp/
  7. Something feels bad. My heart has sunk into the pit of my stomach.
  8. Damn it, I seriously cannot afford the insurance :(
  9. Head pounds.
  10. Me, Phee, ScaryGuy, and Trene5000. It's a Monday morning party on here. Where the coffee at?
  11. I was wondering why it said that about me being reverted back to guest number something. Lol
  12. You clearly don't like me as a person so why waste each others time. I'm sorry that I'm not what you consider normal, find someone else who is.
  13. Laying here watching some boot-leg looking version of Gone Girl that I found on YouTube.
  14. Damn, love:( That sounds terrifying. Hugs