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  1. I have two tennis rackets and some balls in my vehicle and noone will play with me.
  2. I've decided to make tacos instead. The same thing happened to my Gmail stuff yesterday. I also heard Facebook is down but I'm not sure I am sick of using it. Too much bs. Yes! This. What really frustrates me is shitty costumer service and complete shitards that make their ridiculous policies that they refuse to let you see.
  3. What to cook for dinner? I'm thinking chicken enchiladas are sounding pretty good.
  4. Everything is just so, idk. Messed up, what is the point really.
  5. I am deeply sorry. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. I don't know why:( it's a great song it just takes my heart away from my chest.
  7. Argh! Are you ready to swear right here right now? (points if you get this, man ) TMI points. Anyway, Peanut Butter because Reese Cups. Train on the water or boat on the tracks?
  8. Dude! You gotta answer the previous question and than post one...like, for example the last person asked nvidia or AMD, so you have to pick one and than post something that the next person has to pick between and than they post their question. Try it now, ok here is mine... Ghost or Garth Brooks?
  9. I sleep like in all these positions. I have to have my leg up usually. It said I'm a weirdo. Lol
  10. Glock! Because it's the only thing I have ever shot. Atlantic Ocean or Detroit River?
  11. Just finished cooking dinner.
  12. The Grand Canyon because I had a dream Clifford mauled me. Roses or razorblades?
  13. Thank you. I'm going to see if I left it at my friends house tomorrow. My mom has been searching her house too.