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  1. I THINK I found it. And thank you. Nice to see you too. *Waves*
  2. Is there a way I can opt out of all emails? I keep getting emails saying I subscribed to a thread and I only see the email settings as to receiving one email a day or one a week or whenever new content is posted. I don't want any emails. How do I stop this and unsubscribe to any threads I may be subscribed to?
  3. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  4. Howdy and Happy Birthday :D

  5. Recommend a band/song

    Kind of on a kick of this band.
  6. Now Listening To ...

    This makes me wanna get up and yell "WHAT THE FUCK?!" at people.
  7. Interview with a Vampire. Netflixing it up!
  8. Deathrock & Goth Love

    Awwwwwww, no love? Lol. Oh wait....u still love me. Yay! Haha!
  9. Deathrock & Goth Love

    I agree. When people start sub categorizing music and whatnot, it just gets stupid and confusing. I have a general idea of what falls under what label but some people take it too far and I can admit I've done it too. But music is music and it's not something that should be made into an elitist club. I like waaaaay too many different types of music to memorize a subcategory of a subcategory. And thank you. I missed it here. Lol.
  10. Deathrock & Goth Love

    YOU MEAN TO TELL ME MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ISN'T DEATHROCK?! And all this time...... Lol. J/k. I like MCR (at least when they weren't all dancey and shit), anyway, but I DO know they're not deathrock. Lol. Ok, tell me am I going in the right direction? Deathrock or no? A guy in a band I like called Motionless In White always says he likes this band (I know they're a bit punk) along with bands like Calabrese, The Misfits and whatnot.
  11. Videos or songs that are not Goth, but are anyways...

    Don't care what anyone says, this guy always makes me feel all goth and evil and sexy at the same time. I win!
  12. The Walking Dead

    My bf has it on DVD and now we're just waiting for season 2 to come out on DVD. I usually don't like zombie movies or shows cause they're just too fake seeming but this is gooooooooood.