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    Lost in thought. The tickets are really cheap, and everyone I want to see is there.
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    Dancing, great music, rad movies, interesting books, and makin' up crazy stuff with my home slice Skittlepuke. Besides, if you know me, you might have an idea of what I dig.
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  1. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  2. Greetings. Good Morning and Happy Birthday :)

  3. Hey you posted on my profile a long while back, sorry I didn't respond. I am on and off of here a lot. Thanks for dropping me a line. :) Welcome!

  4. Hello. :) Hugs. Is the weird, in a good or bad way?

  5. ....yeah, I am a rememberer...

    .....what do I get fer tellin' you?

  6. Hi stranger. Where ya been hiding?


    . . . <3

  8. . . .hey, thanks for the thread.

    Chin up then!

  9. The other side of the same corner. ;)

  10. Things are well-ish. How have you been?

    This new year is weird already.

  11. . . .Hey! You fiendishly naughty man.

  12. Wait. . . I forgot where I was for a second! I vaguely remember something about you know a boy that likes me? LOL. Dare I ask who. . .if you remember, of course.

  13. Oh D-Gurl WHERE have you been? :(