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    Lately? Training MMA, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Savate, Kali. A little programming and web design, the occasional video game, cars, all sorts of music, movies. Books of any type. Seriously, I could be happy reading the manual to the newest Black and Decker cordless drill. Lately I'm on a sci-fi kick though. Pen and paper RPGs, wargames, CCGs, board games. Mind teasers, puzzles, word games. Paintball. Lots of paintball. Debate. History, Physics, Writing. I'm trying to learn how to pinstripe, and improve my welding skills currently. Picking up new skills. I'll pretty much try most anything, and I find being limited to a small set of interests to be too confining. Just ask, I guess?
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  1. Synth wave anyone?

    So I've been listening to a bunch of synth wave lately, and I'm wondering if anyone else has run across it at all. Stuff like this:Megadrive: 198XAD
  2. Lol, fair enough. Yeah, I think I'm close enough to that location. If not this week's then soon at least.
  3. The Best Sci Fi Anime

    Given that I work in the geek sphere and am necessary exposed to what some might call an unhealthy amount of anime, I have some suggestions... Blassreiter was pretty good. Apocalyptic near modern sci-fi. Desert punk, basquash!(if you have any interest in seeing giant robots save the world by playing violent basketball), of the Gundam series I found 0080 War in the Pocket, and 8th ms team to be particularly impactful. Armitage III. Serial experiments lain for weird paranoid cyberpunk. I also absolutely second the suggestion of all of the ghost in the shell ever. I can keep going if needed.
  4. Certainly more often than never. I might even make an event or two again (crossed fingers).
  5. I'm back for the first time since late 2012 or early 2013. Looks like there are still a few folks around from back then. So a hearty hello to everyone new and old!
  6. You've been pretty vigilant about leaving a birthday message on my profile since I've been gone.  It served as something of a warm welcome back, so thank you. :happy:

    1. TronRP


      You're quite welcome. I really enjoyed doing it. However, with board upgrades, one upgrade removed the DGN calendar.

      Thank you for popping in. It makes me happy seeing everyone. :biggrin:

  7. Have a Happy Birthday ^_^

  8. Happy Birthday :D

  9. Howdy Howdy...Good Morning and Happy Birthday :)

  10. The Biggest Loser DGN Style

    Girlfriend has PCOS and hypothyroid, after trying lots of different dietary restrictions, lifting, cardio and drugs to no avail she finally got on something that helped, but it only slowed the gain rather than stopped it. I suggested she try carb cycling as there have been a couple recent studies that suggest that such a thing works well on insulin resistant people. She's dropped 60lbs. T-Nation Carb Cycling Hopefully that helps. Good luck!
  11. Yay for big grin! :D

  12. Big Grin alert :D

  13. I watched a bit of one of the more recent basho. I'm a big fan of Takanoyama and I like Mainoumi but he's been retired for a while.

  14. SUMO. Was lucky enough to be in Japan in 2000 to catch it as a televised event...yay