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  1. Have a Happy Birthday ^_^

  2. Happy Birthday :D

  3. *Waves HI* :)

    1. scamp


      *waves back* I'm embarrassed to have to ask, but should I know who you are?

    2. TronRP


      Not really, just the self proclaimed resident busy body here... I generally run around the board checking on members and sending various messages. Then I hog the board for about a week every own mini World Domination Tactic. Pleasure to meet you :)

  4. Greetings...Good Morning and Happy Birthday :)

    1. scamp


      A belated thank you!

  5. Hey! Was wondering where'd you'd vanished to!

  6. yes there is. some very nice people here.

  7. Great! Good folks here.

  8. how you like it so far?

  9. *waves* I gave u a star. Hi.

  10. Anthony Stewart Head! As Giles on Buffy, but I'll watch him in anything. Who here's seen REPO? ^From when he played Dr. Frank N. Furter on stage in London. There's a great photo of him in full drag here: ^Yes, that's me. That was my first trip to Michigan, as a matter of fact. I know I don't look it, but I *was* actually 23 at the time...
  11. Fav pic of yourself

    My all-time fave, dancing at my cousin's wedding reception (Sept 2007): Dressed up for graduation (not mine) in 2005: June of 2008 (2 months on T): My avatar photo is from February of this year. Edit: Oh, almost forgot. From Christmas 2007:
  12. Fav pic of yourself

    I'm a little late to the party, but awesome pic. I'm jealous! When it first came up I did a double take. I liked the one of you in uniform, too.