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  1. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  2. Greetings and Happy Birthday :)

  3. Pending movies

    Hmmm I dunno whether or not I wish to divulge this info or not but I really wanna see this... it's really a guilty pleasure for me Confessions of a shopaholic
  4. Pending movies

    AWWW, but one thing no offense and don't ask how I know this, but "liken" is actually Lycan
  5. Pending movies

    I think you either a just missed it or B it's still in michigan because I just went to see an AWESOME screening of repo last night and synedoche ny was listed in the sign.
  6. Like the avatar pic. Very Steampunk.

  7. Pending movies

    HAs any one heard of Coraline!!!! it is Very VERY amazing looking in 3d too and not lame I mean mind blowing the commercial was played right before my bloody valentine!!!!|cora...|Coraline_Brand watch the trailor
  8. Pending movies

    YEahhh... about that ... What I'm really looking for is a quality american Original... horror movie a classic more or less I've been finding a lot of the lower budget movies slightly more entertaing frankly... I absolutely adore "trailer park of terror" any fan of psycho billy what so ever needs to see it!! Lovely bones? And I do actually await the new HArry potter movies as well... but what happend to the Hobbit ?!?(yes I'm a lord of the rings fan) And apparently they're going to fuck up one of my favorite movies ever!!! : hellraiser * shakes head* As for Wolverine origins... all I have to say is ... good... it needs a little bit more of an edge to it then then the initial X-men trilogy.
  9. awww thank you soo very much!!

  10. Pending movies

    Ha HA! way to look on the good side of that one!
  11. Hi ^_^ and I agree with st_masey, you're pretty.