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    Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico.
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    Anything will do, I'm very open minded and I like to listen to people about their thoughts and feelings. I enjoy reading (especially Poe and Lovecraft), writing, drawing and playing old school SNES rpg games, *does the rpg dance* ^_^.<br />I'll listen to pretty much anything there is to liste as long as its hard and noisy XD!!!<br />I can always have two sides, nice or mean, wise ass or comprehensive, bla bla bla but i guess it depends mostly on my mood. But overall I guess Im kinda weird.<br />Oh yeah and I love Katana's!!!! and Golden Grahams!!!!!! >:3
  1. DGN Coffee house...

    And I had tacos today for dinner hehehe taco bell my arse home made are a gazillion times better!! Mood: ~!!~**-RaNdOM-**~!!~ Aww... I wants to go to the party... mhh ok If I buy the ticket will you buy me a ticket... a PLANE ticket?? pweaase??
  2. I like pretty much any veggie except tomatoes unless they´re diced... Isnt Golden Grahams the bestest cereal?? What cereal do u like best?
  3. DGN Coffee house...

    See ya Paper Paul ^____^! Take care! Good night? it's barely 4:00 Pm here T.T
  4. DGN Coffee house...

    Now that I think of it it's been forever since I last went to the beach... I love to stare at the sky and the moon, sometimes I feel like Im falling up... Mhh... I rather read the porno, I guess it gives you the powa' of imagination :devil except sometimes its so complicated you have a hard time imagining what theyre doing ! :blink hahaha Im dumb ^___^
  5. DGN Coffee house...

    I wish I got out more... but to a different place... like with a different ambient (is that the right word?) not dancing at the beat of 50 cent or daddy yankee *whose neck I feel like chocking everytime I hear the gasolina song!! yargh!! on more random news: I want a hamburguer! *stomach growls* :doh
  6. DGN Coffee house...

    Hahaha! very good point *shuders* I guess there would be a movie called "Silence of the sheep" har har har!
  7. DGN Coffee house...

    I've been fairly good I guess.. and you?? I have done the unspeakable last saturday when my american nieces came to visit here in rosarito O.o I may be their aunt but theyre my age... And they love clubbing and dancing and partying and all visit all those eeeevil tourist places here with rap music :fear so... they asked me to join them and since my sister thought it would be dangerous if they went into town alone... I had to accept... argh... :confused
  8. DGN Coffee house...

    *comes in the coffee house* Hey guys! what's going on ^__^! Did I hear Sheep fucking? :fear O.o! *glad she missed the sheep*
  9. DGN Coffee house...

    *gasps* you havent even started it!! Im sorry but I will hafta join the buggin!! you have to read at least one! theyre like pringles you wont be able to stop heheh! no really I highly recommend you read at least one! *bugs to death* Hehehe Really??? tortas are so common in mexico!!!!!! almos like tacos!!! have you been anywhere else in mexico?? there's all kinds of flavors in each state! delicious! sorry guys I may have to go right now take care! *huggles all and jumps out the window* wheeeeeeeee! *stole the Mochapheecachino -*
  10. DGN Coffee house...

    wheee Mochapheecachino !!! I shall get even more hyper!! *cough cough* damn Im eating oatmeal cookies but yesterday they where hard and now they are not!!! It's 11:10 AM here and we're gettin ready to go to college to see if my cousin got accepteed so if I suddenly stop replying it means that I stole the Mochapheecachino and ran had to go hehehe ^^ yesterdays was one of my friends b day and we drank and most of the guys sepnt the night at my b day friend so were gonna go wake them so they go with us mwhahaha *hyper* brb gotta get my boots on and that may take a while
  11. DGN Coffee house...

    Yup!!!! I read it a long time ago tho... so I cant really recall the whole story... is that one of your favorites? Mhhh Rosarito has been pretty good, same as always... wow I cant believe you were here!! it HAS changed a lot, there's more paved streets and more buisnesses and more... well... civilization but still we are full of the damn curios stores and night clubs -_- WB brenda!!!
  12. DGN Coffee house...

    wheeeee!! Coolness!!! I just can't stop reading Lovecraft Dreams in the witchhouse and the thibng on the doorstep are two of my top favorites! Oooh ooh ooh! Copheee!!!! yush I'd like a mocha (with a spike of wodka hehehe) nah just kidding.. (or am I?) hey is it called cophee because Phee made it :cheerful ?
  13. DGN Coffee house...

    I'm sorry to hear that :(... I kinda know how It feels when you suddenly remember all the crap and bad times someone gave you and you feel like choking him -_- I'd never sell anything that didnt belong to me unless it was a very desperate thing I needed to pay someone and Id still try to ask...
  14. DGN Coffee house...

    I wuvs scarabs ^_^ But I love the egypcian kitties more ^_^ I wanted to buy a statue of a kittie for my room but its LeExpensive *sighs*