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  1. Happy Birthday :D

  2. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  3. Sending New Year's Greetings :)

  4. Head Case Action Pose...WEEEEEEE!!!!!

  5. no make up

    Me without make-up doesn't really look all that different to me with make-up, considering it's usually just eyeliner and mascara (although recently I've been trying to do more). Here's an older one just to stick to the picture theme.
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  7. Our Piercings

    BAM. New piercings done last night.
  8. what are you doing right now?

    Trying to make this hangover GTFO before work...jghdhgdfgdkhkjg
  9. What Are You Thinking?

    I am not goth. And I never have stated that I am.
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  11. Sending out random hellos. Hello :)

  12. What Are You Thinking?

    I want to learn a fighting style REALLY bad.
  13. Our Piercings

    Updaaate. Wasting time before work when I should be working out. You know, whatever. ~ What piercings do you currently have? I have the same ear piercings as before, four on my left and three on my right. The four earlobe piercings I have are gauged. The main ones are 2g and the second ones I am in the process of gauging, they are currently 10g. I'm debating on gauging the main ones to a 0g. ~ What piercings do you no longer have? Why? I no longer have my lipring. At work I got a complaint about the hoop, so I began wearing a clear retainer, the backing eventually rubbed too much against my gums and so I decided to remove it. ~ Are there any that you plan to get in the future? And why haven't you gone out to do that yet? I originally wanted spiderbites on my lip, but that's obviously out Now I want to get spiderbites on one nostril. That's my next plan. I also want an industrial on the right and more regular piercings along both ears. I just haven't gotten around to it. I usually end up getting more tattoos instead >__> ~ Are there any piercings that intrigue you but feel you cannot have done (impossible, not if you want to keep your job, or just bloody unlikely)? I have been curious about getting nipple piercings, but I most likely will never get them. ~ What are the inspirations behind the piercings we have, choose to get, or yearn for with all our soppy hearts? The tons of ear piercings I wanted after reading a manga called Nana. The drummer inspired me because he was bald with tons of hoop piercings on his ears. ~ Are there any epic stories of note involving the process or aftermath of a piercing that you would like to share with the other children? Nope. ~ What fashion of jewelry do you commonly use in said holes? Are there any particular favourites? I like stainless steel hoops in my ears. For the biggest gauges, plugs or flesh plugs. For the second gauges, they are currently pinchers. Probably plugs later.
  14. Your favorite boots!

    I need new boots... New Rocks <3