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    Industrial music. Playing the try to not sit in something sticky game at city club.
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    just found it online looking for fun stuff to do

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  1. holy shit. we have the same birthday, but mine is may 8th 1978. coincidence? I think not!!

  2. lol very cool! sounds like your lots of fun:) nice to meet ya.

  3. Who am I? Hmmm.... Turn ons- Wine, Halloween, Industrial, Shitty horror movies. Turn-offs- Furries, Clowns, Little kids with those weird shaggy bowl haircuts, Rude people. All in all I'm just a guy that likes to have fun and occasionally play some music when I have good people to jam with.

  4. hello who are ya?

  5. when is toga night?? Oh and when is the halloween party happening?

  6. yeah still like the site. haven't had a chance to meet anyone new yet, my crappy schedule has kept me from going out much this week.

  7. How goes it? Still liking DGN?

  8. That's nothing to joke about sir :/


  9. Uh oh. my plan involving girls hitching rides isn't as solid as I thought it was. Dammit, back to the drawing board ;)

  10. Thanks, that'd be nice.

    But now I must ask, how do I now you're not some serial killer waiting for young women to ask for rides?


  11. Well I usually go to necto and city depends on my work schedule. So I might be able to give you a ride sometime.

  12. No, I just really want to go to City Club and/or Necto...

    I hate relying on my ex to take me when he's in MI...

    I don't have a license or a car of my own... and very few friends.

  13. Hmm, well, even if I did tell you know and meant it... you wouldn't be completely reassured would you?

    How could I prove that?

  14. Ha. Nice. I love pez! Delicious.

  15. is asking for a ride just a way to get into a person's car? Are you a serial killer?