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  1. Happy Birthday :D

  2. He's Gone

    Im so sorry for your loss
  3. This is an idea. I havent gone out for New Years in a few years.
  4. Anyone else DIY

    Im trying to get into DIY just in case society takes a crap.
  5. Fair enough but still too many ass hats around to cause serious problems.
  6. That may be true in your expierience but more crime and murders happens in Detroit as a whole. How many of our friends have been a victim right at City Club
  7. I think the crime and lack of up keep of many of the lived in homes proves this.
  8. A bit older, fatter, grayer and balder but Im still a sexy bitch!
  9. We Are All Beautiful

    I am beuatiful because nothing keeps me down.
  10. I dont think it will ever return to what it once was (pre 1950). There are too many at fault and number one is the average person living there. Some would love a change and are fine citizens but the majority arent.
  11. I met most of my friends, got laid alot and in a round a bout way met my fiancee.
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