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  1. I guess just look for the normal looking chick with the red crayon colored hair ? and glasses? ill be in blk skirt white meshy top
  2. do I scream out "TRON"? or what lol tree???....... wtf wow yeah I have not been there in a long time lol
  3. @tron where do u wanna meet ill be there a little after 10 ish let me know !!!!
  4. unless I have to save a life there then ill get into nurse mode :D
  5. ouch ! ok so far eagle rose said she is going and ill be there .. @siren hopfully I can see you next sat btw please don't ask me any nurse type questions night off from work like to keep it that way ttfn
  6. aww boo to you all !!!! someone come dance with me TRON come with me ! Ill come get you @prick thanks for the info !
  7. so now that my sat are free again I will be going back to city club on Saturday . I am older now so making it to 4:30 will not be an option lol I like my sleep plus I have to pick up my daughter by 1 pm sunday. so now someone can please tell me how much it is to get in again and where the hell to park since the last time I was there the three story parking garage was there and now motor city casino is there.. lets meet up shake our butts plus if anyone need a ride and is close to me ( I live in mt Clemens ) I can pick some peeps up ( taking out the babyseat I can fit three in the back on up front, some gas money would be nice ) so whos with me !! lets do this !
  8. Now Listening To ...

    Noel Gallahger and his high flying birds- aka what a life and if I had a gun !!!!! hes so much beeer without liam
  9. the royal blackbirds will play this friday at shelly kellys at 14 and grospect dorrs open at 9 ? no cover ! playing all night long . GO SEE THEM ! cheers!
  10. Depechemode will kick off there tour august 27th 2013 at DTE will keep this updated when tickets go on sale and so forth. its on a tuesday ! eekkk !!!!
  11. just serch for rebecca nerdcore szajna have the post there to long to write here..... veyr long story short he has a revoked licence and wants a car back i sold and was in my name title and insurance in june. the summons was a day expired she was still going to grant us the divorce if we both could agree on it .. he didnt cus he thinks this car is owed to him so the judge dismissed the case and i have to start all over again . this time im getting a lawyer ..fuck this shit .. i spent 9 months working on this ! hes going down
  12. long story short case got dissmissed read it all on my facebook page i have to start all over again :(
  13. well my divorce will be finalized tommorow after 1:30 pm anyone care afterwards to join me for a drink afterwards?? hit me up cheers!!!! pm me for more details