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  1. How Are You Feeling?

    Lol, I appreciate it. Been getting out though... Prom at Necto, road trip to southern Indiana last Sat, drinks with a friend Sun night. Having a buddy over for dinner this upcoming Fri. I'd love to get out more, but time and money and distance make things difficult. To be clear: my pain is real but it is motivating, not hindering. On topic: EXCITED! Exalted 3rd edition core book will finally be available tomorrow! Om nom nom...
  2. How Are You Feeling?

    Yearning for human connection.
  3. How Are You Feeling?

    I feel like asking for help cleaning and organizing, but the organizing is really just separating my stuff from my estranged wife's stuff and I don't want to answer those questions. Fml
  4. Count me interested! (Also, pardon my hiatus) I think I understand your desire for location secrecy, but I am super broke and gas money is an issue for the foreseeable future. If you're willing to PM me the location before I commit, I would be extremely grateful. You can count on my discretion; it is your info to give out, not mine.
  5. How Are You Feeling?

    I feel like I can't wait for my brain to stop for the night... Elusive, blessed sleep! I beseech thee, come hither and visit me in my time of need. I long for thy sweet caress My elusive, blessed sleep. Come hither, and we will be as one. For I long to languish in your dreaming darkness My elusive, blessed sleep I see thee there, just out of reach Through fogged, fuzzed, impenetrable haze My elusive, blessed sleep Tarry no more and come to me The time has come for us to be we My elusive, blessed sleep
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  7. Thanks! Some powerful quotes that are still at the core of my world view. And also Exalted.
  8. How Are You Feeling?

    I am feeling disconnected from my own life. It'll be OK though, I'll reconnect with it eventually. I'll just feel disoriented until then.
  9. what are you doing right now?

    Once again trying to find sleep. She is an elusive mistress.
  10. I'm having trouble finding any current postings about Manfast, can someone link me please?
  11. what are you doing right now?

    Trying to sleep so I can get to the therapist's office by 2pm.
  12. Now Drinking

    Tryst vodka... Unchilled because I'm lazy tonight. And my phone camera is too good and I can't figure out how to reduce the image quality for a smaller file size... Boo...
  13. How Are You Feeling?

    I feel like I need someone to hold me and tell me I'm pretty or whatever. I guess I'm just seeking attention tied with affection.