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    80's Heavy Metal, Hockey, Baseball, Comics, Anything Sci-Fi. Pasta, Chocolate, Pepsi, Video Games, Shooting Pool.
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    my friend and member of DGN Angel
  1. DGN Coffee house...

    OK But what if you've ALREADY said supercalifragilisticexpiaidocious and you don't know what to say AFTER that? hmmm? lmao
  2. I was gonna just copy the list and fill in my own needs but I don't think I've thought it all through just yet so here goes my needs my own way. It may not be much but not following some of these may get you dumped faster than mondays trash ladies so pay attention! lol My Perfect Partner: VERY tolerant of the geek lifestyle. I collect comics play video games and watch sci fi and love cartoons from when i was a kid. I need a girl who isn't gonna complain about these things. I'd PREFER a girl who was into these things like me but I'll take tolerance. BODY TYPE: I like 'em curvy HEIGHT: Taller than me. I'm for foot nothin' and like the difference HAIR: Anything works but I'm a sucker for blondes RELIGION: Anything as long as she doesn't force it on me or says to me that I'm the human sacrifice for Lord So-and-So. I like living thanks very much. SEXUALITY: Anything as long as she doesn't look down on my inexperience or is trying to make a baby for the afforementioned Lord So-and-So PERSONALITY: Fun but not perky. I can't stand perky. Adventurous 'cause I need some adventure in my life. And finally someone who respects my love for independence and isn't always trying to help me all the time 'cause of the disability. I'd absolutely love the fact that you care an worry about me but if I want/need help I'll ask. 80's Heavy Metal is the best music ever made, my perfect partner needs to understand this. The original Star Wars is the best movie trilogy ever made. She also needs to understand this. You make me watch a chic flick I better be gettin' something out of it(hey the post called for unreasonable well there ya go lol) That's it for now. I'm sure I'll think of more right after i post this. If so I'll just add on.
  3. What fragrance(s) do you generally wear?

    This years scent is Stetson. Although I also like Aspen and a 3rd one whos name escapes me at the moment but it smelled good. It was in a little black bottle...damn I wish I could remember it.
  4. Who Here Is Single

    I've been single so long I sometimes feel like they're actually gonna change the name of it from single to Brian lol
  5. Peep-eye right back at ya! :p

  6. Current Location: Still at home with folks(damn disabilty...ugh) Where from: Adrian, Michigan Gender: Male Kids: Nope, maybe someday Work: Also no, sadly. School: No Married: No(WOW my life is sad lol) Interests: Comic Books, Sci-Fi shows, books and movies, Video games are what make me smile most these days Who got me into DGN: My bestest friend Angel. Guess that covers the list. Anything else you wanna know, ask away. I too am an open book.
  7. peekaboo guess who? hehehehe

  8. Well I like what the media dubs the "genre shows" meaning: Buffy and Angel. Doctor Who Torchwood Supernatural All Star Treks and Smallville(though my love for that show is falling by the wayside) I also at my age love cartoons. Fave of all time is Batman the animated series I can never answer these types of questions with just one answer lol
  9. Me first me first me first!

    *wicked laugh*