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  2. Looks like City Club will be open through the renovation...what' are they going to leave it a total shithole for authenticity's sake?
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  4. Lyrics from a song that are amazing

    these lyrics. all of them.
  5. If I ran a cult...I'd run it into the ground.
  6. 13 Word Novels

    Day 39: the lifeboat's half- filled with rainwater. Do I dare drink it?
  7. Events in the South East Michigan area

    last minute, 'cause I just found out, but there's a goth/industrial dance night at the Phoenix Cafe in hazel Park tonight. John R just south of 10 Mile.
  8. roadtrip!

    sounds like a rockin' good time!
  9. Depeche Mode returns to Detroit

    woops...tix on sale next weekend.
  10. Yes, for the first time since 2005, DM will play a Detroit-area venue. Their show will be at DTE Knob on the last Sunday in August. Think that's the 27th, but not 100% sure of that. Anyway, pretty sure tickets go on sale this weekend. Go to their website to see if you can still get in on the presale.
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  12. Now Listening To ...

    man, this is noisy af. :D
  13. your "repeat1" songs

    I first heard this song yesterday morning on Windsor's CBC station. I'm listening to it right now for what has to be at least the 30th time since then.
  14. Pending movies

    The Ghost In the Shell trailer is here!
  15. Now Listening To ...

    I'm listening to Muse covering The Cramps!