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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. man, this is noisy af. :D
  3. I first heard this song yesterday morning on Windsor's CBC station. I'm listening to it right now for what has to be at least the 30th time since then.
  4. The Ghost In the Shell trailer is here!
  5. I'm listening to Muse covering The Cramps!
  6. Holy. Crap!!!! If you missed the Season 7 premiere, don't read the spoiler!!!!!
  7. Not a new band - far from it - but the Mission are back with a new album that totally brings back that mid'80s goth sound and vibe:
  8. been running thru my mind for 2 days now, ever since I found out they're playing Arts Beats & Eats tonight. Might go down there to see 'em.
  9. Trailer for Little Sister, the goth nun comedy you didn't know you needed:
  10. about to piss away some time online.
  11. Pokemon Go has hit, and the world may never be the same. Clever robbers have already used it to lure unsuspecting gamers to Victimville. People are finding complete strangers trying to hunt down various Pokemon in their backyards and driveways. Anyone here caught up in it yet?
  12. Easiest one to like is probably Cemetery Man; it's kinda a horror-comedy. As far as a favorite...probably Zombi or Night of the Demons.
  13. Damn. :( Back in late January, I got a message about how he was coming to see me at the Dovetail Cafe the first weekend of February. I sent him a message telling that that gig had actually happened in February of 2015. I hope he got it in time and didn't go up there. Reqiescat in pace, prick. You were a good man, from what I could tell.
  14. Carnival of Souls Cemetery Man Zombi Night of the Demons (original version) Three Extremes