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  1. I went to the U.P. for a 8 day hiking trip. That's where this DGNer went.
  2. So, I Play Roller Derby...

    I'll come eventually...though....it takes me forever to do things. Life gets busy.
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  4. What was your workout today?

    See above. Kayaking is tiring.
  5. What was your workout today?

    Happy Squatterday!
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  7. What Are You Thinking?

    Two day abdominal doms?! Add in a side of two day hamstring and erector spinae doms?!? Ugh.
  8. What was your workout today?

    Today begins my programs "deload week". 4 training days of training light, to give the central nervous system time to recover, give muscles/joints/ligaments/connective tissue time to heal and repair....then I add more weight to the bar and start the cycle over again!
  9. I think ole Ruth is right and this is the first step into a minefield. Nonprofits and churches work to serve a cause of their own and attract people of like minds. Businesses work to make a profit. That is the cause they serve. Using "religion" as a basis for trying to protect profit margins is shameful and should have been laughed out of court.
  10. We Are All Beautiful

    This is true. Joey is the eternal pessimist - but he's one that doesn't start trouble and calls things as he sees it without being an asshole about it. I like having the Deadcat around.
  11. What was your workout today?

    yesterday was deadlifts until failure, incline situps while holding weights and glute bridges - for SI joint stabilization. Today is stretch and recover day.
  12. Haha I didn't see a single one of those things coming! lol
  13. DIA

    M and I leave for the U.P. on the 18th.