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  1. Happy Birthday :D

  2. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  3. Howdy Howdy...Good Morning and Happy Birthday :)

  4. what are you doing right now?

    Trying to put the last two years on my new laptop (Dell Inspiron N5050). Seems like I lost more than just an object when they broke cause the events can't be redone.
  5. what are you doing right now?

    My old laptop was ran over by a bus that destroyed the screen but you can smash that with a hammer also, whats left ot it that is.
  6. Nice name and welcome to DGN!

  7. Happy dance alert :D

  8. smiley face alert :)

  9. Got a New Laptop so now I'm back!

  10. Non Goth

    Me, Myself & I
  11. CC June 2nd - Reports?

    No problems with the music at all cause if I wasn't dancing it's not cause of the music is good or bad cause I'm a social drinker. Other then the fact most members seem busy coincidentally that didn't stop me having fun be it dancing, talking, texting, that book site and getting some personal attention from the ladies I had a good time.
  12. DGN Night @ CC - Saturday , June 2nd

    I am there at the moment the dance floor looks like a ghost town.
  13. I got a laptop for $100 dollars. Its nothing special but it gets the job done. This will make my likelihood of posting +2 where ever there is WiFi at least.
  14. CC Aftermath - Saturday May 19th

    Yes, them two and you will be the three out of many I invited to eat which by the way is 16% success rate. Other then the random comic crazy guy that invaded our table, it was a good night. I invited them to DGN while troy explained its purpose. While they invited me to a steampunk night party. +1 for me or is it 2.