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  1. why thank you =] I shall be returning Another time hopefully stay a bit longer

  2. I saw you at City last night. Your outfit looked awesome!

  3. What Are You Thinking?

  4. Who Here Is Single

    For the first time in a long time, I can say that I am both happy and taken. Two of my three previous relationships turned out to be a joke, but this one most definitely is not a joke.
  5. Hey! Noooo secret ninja pouncing.... O.o muhahahahaha....

  6. Now Listening To ...

    Ministry - Revenge
  7. Aww, that sucks. It's a pain dealing with all that shit, believe me, I know. :( I have lost interest in CC for a while, but I might make an appearance on Halloween. If you can make it there then, it would be very nice to see you.

  8. Ive been okay, been sick allll week so im kinda bleh. I know! I was hoping to see you at CC on my bday, I still need to get a new ID cuz the stupid DMV never sent me the plastic one...damn fools!

  9. I've been great! I've had such an awesome week. How have you been? Hope to see you again sometime soon.

  10. heyyy hun! how have you been? :)

  11. what are you doing right now?

    Browsing the Internet, playing with my new gray kitten, and writing a 7-page report for my speech and language impairment class. I'm a multi-tasker!
  12. How Are You Feeling?

    I am incredibly happy because I had a wonderful week. I also have the sweetest and most affectionate new kitten!
  13. Hey sexy! Luv ya! :D