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    I'm just a Industrial Child with a Big splash of punk! I'm a single dad.
    Few things I like are....Merlin and Odin(my sons), Dragons, my friends, dancing, women, dancing with a woman, fire, sex, cooking, vamps. Skull, zombies, bats, cats, wolfs, few dogs, swamps, rivers, lakes, ponds, ocean and sea, trees, earth (like mud fights, throwing mud... Ok watching chicks mud fight is pretty fucking cool too), swming, fishing, my pet fish, sharks, dolphins (anything to do with the sea), horror movies (I'm the ass laughing when ppls head fall off. In the movie place), cartoons (Akira, Zim, Family Guy and Ninja Scroll to name a very few), snakes, lizards, spiders, ears and necks of women, biting (giving or taking the bite), sushi (hell any food.really. Sushi to steaks to tofu and a some of them vegys too), UFC, Fight Club, SG's, whips, chains, paints, clays, carving wood, taking photos, cars, subconsious desire, mischief, art, madness, forgiveness, expecting the unexpected, doing things out of character, halloween (best time of the year!), saying the word fuck, philosophy, theoretical physics, physics, quantum physics, forgetfullness, environment, poems, playng with things that go BOOM, playing with kids toys. I am a staving artist (but the kind were my art staves before my family and I do) Love to laugh and make others laugh. Posters with out frames. and more i'll add later... Or something if your luck!

    I refound yahoo IM >.> so if your bored and I am on say hi. Don't mind my typing and stuff. (stymiez)
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    Crappy hate being sick
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    little pev'd sick of ppl calling off appts x.x Stop wasting my time!!! I want good clients!!
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    Doh' lol awesome!
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    Readying Omega Combo Level 13~ . . . Punch to the NUTS!!! Followed by trapping your launcher . . . . . . 1st you get Followed by . Blow up your base! rabit bunnies! (how every you spell it if it is wrong!) stop hitting yourself! Lastly I toss you out a window! The end!
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    FLM overstressed!!!
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