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  1. Is Necto still a place people go?

    plastic passion 70s/80s/90s New Wave, Post-Punk, Brit-Pop, Industrial, Electronica, Eurotrash, Acid House, Goth Rock, Dark Wave , yadda yadda yadda
  2. I thought by they way I am when I do chime in on military topics people would assume I have a near militant reverence for the military. About 2 decades ago I became the first male in generations on both my father and mothers side to not serve. I had to jump through hoops and beg for LORs from officers that knew me for most of my life just to be allowed to test because of Clinton. It came down to a combination of and injury preventing me from doing what I wanted and being a temperamental brat that prevented me entertaining the idea that there where other jobs I could do. I regret being a fool. However, I was (a) raised to despise mercenaries and (b) over the last few years have found way to many mercenaries "serving".
  3. WOOOOOOOOW You took a black racist, another black racist, and a white anti-racist. Please take a white non racist. WOOOOOOOOW
  4. Out of curiosity, those who know how pro military I am, what do you think my response is?
  5. Good people? Is that a pro segregationist racist comment or a complete lack of knowledge as to who the man really was? There will be a celebration the day after everyone like him and Hulk Hogan are dead. Oh wait. it's only wrong when a white man does it, if a black man does then he is a good person.
  6. Voting for someone simply because who you want doesn't stand a chance is saying "I condone your bullshit two party system system." Hell even if you do want the rebloodlican or democrypt, that is what you are saying. Voting for anyone but Demopublicans or Republicrats is saying "I reject you and your bullshit two party system" Republicans and Democrats are just the wings of the same bird of prey, so go ahead, vote for one of them and cast a vote for making things worse. I'm writing in John McAfee.
  7. Random Act's Of Kindness 3.3 - This Means You

    It is basically a coupon. Think of it like this. You owe me 10 bucks and I am desperate so I say "Hey man I'm in a pinch and really need that money ya owe me." then you pull out a 10 dollar gift card... It would take some effort to keep from bitch slapping you, but I would still snatch the card and say "You can't pay your taxes with it so it aint money!" wile sticking it in my pocket.
  8. Looking Less Goth These Days

    Hey, the last few times I went to the shitty club I came in jeans a shirt and cap. Except for the fact that I use to bitch about being to skinny then rocketed past my ideal weight I have zero fucks to give about how I look and even less about others. Unless they just look gross, but I keep it to myself.
  9. Electronic Caravan

    Like? Never know, I may be able to construct what you want relatively inexpensive.
  10. If I decided to throw a movie night..

    Too true, however... The Ape Man, Atom Age Vampire, Attack of the Giant Leeches, Black Dragons, The Brain That Wouldn't Die, Carnival of Souls, and Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe are just a tiny sample of what is in the public domain.
  11. circulus in demonstrando is circular.
  12. So, I had a dream. I acquired an 8' x 20' flatbed trailer and I welded a steel frame to it and clad it to look like a house, them I painted it roman festive colors with Electronic Caravan over the door. The interior entry section was the width of the trailer and 6' deep to a counter. Behind the counter was enough space for me to have a backed bar stool, then there where sliding racks that when all pushed together allowed me to get between them. The trailer was equipped with solar panels, WiFi and a GPSR connected to a website to show the current location with come to my zip-code request. I was very busy selling components to hobbyists and professionals alike. When I woke up I realized I spend to much time browsing and drooling over component prices at aliexpress. And I have to get a job.
  13. If I decided to throw a movie night..

    Hope this posts. Idea. nominate and vote on B movies, then mst3k the shit out of them.
  14. If I decided to throw a movie night..

    I'm capable of building a smartphone/tablet/laptop unpowered projector. you can also get cheap projectors around $35.00.