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  1. Fav pic of yourself

    She does.
  2. What do you collect?

    I'm sad. I will miss that show. We're gonna go see the Red Bull Air races Saturday and then go out to shoot car racing at Waterford Hills Sunday.
  3. What do you collect?

    Billetproof Detroit 2010 through my eyes:
  4. What do you collect?

    Her place was a visual funhouse... :-)
  5. What do you collect?

    Your place reminds me of Carla's except a bit more organized.. Very cool!!
  6. What do you collect?

    Nothing formally. I pick up interesting old cameras from time to time. (I accept donations. :-) ) I've got a bunch of vinyl toys and add a few every now and then. I have lots of books though I wouldn't call them a collection. I seem to be collecting certain types of women's clothing and costume gear for my model wardrobe. (Also for my daughters and girlfriend to wear.) That's about it.

    I confess that I am quite content right now.
  8. How Are You Feeling?

    Belly full. All sexed up. Freshly showered. Cute girl to snuggle with and watch a movie. Life is good.
  9. Do you honestly think Bush supporters have been any different?
  10. What made your day?

    Ooo! Nice! For me.. Finally getting the brakes on the VoD back in order and other stuff. Including free food at lunch!
  11. loud hard fast

    My dad and I both raced there for a number of years. I used to have videos of me going around but I'm not sure where they are anymore.
  12. CONFESS!

    I confess that if I don't know you very well, or at all, it's not likely I will be accepting your friend request on FB.
  13. How Are You Feeling?

  14. CONFESS!

    I confess that I am enjoying my day off since electricity at work is fucked up.
  15. If you don't know how to get off, I can't help you. Wait... yes I can!! :-P

  16. CONFESS!

    I confess that I would like to be a cat in this house. Just use darker materials and colors.
  17. For them that dislike City Club...

    The whole place being somewhat cleaner. Sanitary and functioning bathrooms. New sound system that doesn't die in the middle of a song. Less obnoxiousness from the bouncers particularly at 2am cleanup.
  18. *Glops whipped cream on nose*

  19. *Shares jello*

  20. What Are You Thinking?

    The only person preventing that is you...
  21. Guns anyone?

    I'll bring my office supply crossbow.