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  1. Post in photos what you'd buy. I'll start with one of these.
  2. Assuming you are single, or in a position to date, describe your PERFECT mate/partner. Reasonableness and reality have no business here. I'm curious to know what you would want if you could have it all. To make it easier, I've made up a form with my preferences first Feel free to add categories, etc: PHYSICAL: Height - 4' 9" - 5' 2" Weight/body type - Thin but not bony. Well-toned (Not overtly muscular, though) feminine curves (curvy hips and decent sized breasts compared to body size.) Longish legs, proportionally. Eyes - Green/hazel Hair - Anywhere from bald to short/pixie-ish OR VERY long. (Well below the butt.) Shades of red preferred, but black is very acceptable as are bright, unnatural colors. Skin - Either very pale or dark/exotic. (Not deeply tanned) Character - Exotic/mixed race or pale European traits are most attractive. Clothing: Eclectic mix of goth/punk, vintage 50's and 20's, Victorian and other interesting era's but done in a contemporary manner. EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL: Medium to high emotional sensitivity but not a complainer or "emo". Has done both self-analysis and seen a therapist to resolve issues. Open, vulnerable, affectionate and non-judging. Mental toughness under pressure and stress. Values health and fitness. Considerate. Creative beyond words. PERSONALITY: Playful and happy most of the time. Great sense of humor. (Able to be corny one minute and dry/smart the next - mischievous as hell!!) Gentle and warm, especially with children. Confident in abilities, yet inquisitive and humble about the unknown. Intelligence is also very important. SPIRITUALITY: Open and personal. An organized religion like UU would be OK too. SEXUALITY: Bisexual - Generally monogamous but open to a variety of possible relationship scenarios. Not necessarily an ongoing lifestyle, though. Enjoys sex (duh) and flirting - but not overtly kinky. May have memorized the Kama Sutra but doesn't feel compelled to use it all the time. HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Compatible and complimentary stuff. Someone that will be into some of the same things I am but can also learn from and teach me about interests we don't share. (yet) Art/design/photography. Likes to cook and is good at it. Hiking, biking, yoga. Reads books on many topics. Compatible musical tastes. Mechanical ability. Automotive interests. Ecology and respect for the earth. JOB: In the arts or runs an artistic business. FAMILY: Good relationship with parents/siblings. They should live somewhere cool to visit.. Heh. Either no children or 1, at most. I may add more or modify later. Your turn.
  3. This is basically directed at Troy but for everyone else to see. I popped in today and happened to look at all-time post counts for shits and giggles. The numbers seem really low. I seem to remember Phee being close to 50,000, and that was 3-4 years ago. I was over 20,000. What's going on? Did we all lose a bunch after a board software update?
  4. Silly boys. You're not picking up what I'm laying down. Look at the top all time post counts in the column on the right. (See attached image) Mine shows just 8,182 posts yet if you look in my profile or my avatar on the left of this post it shows 28,529. Why the discrepancy? The 28,529 number is correct. It's pretty meaningless in the scheme of things. Just curious.
  5. Top this!

    Lightning during an eruption of the Chaiten volcano as seen from Chana, Chile.
  6. Where you can see my work:
  7. I see you lookin... ;-)

  8. Firefox on Mac. Tried Chrome for a while but it was buggy and causing hassles so I switched back.
  9. Funny. I was thinking about you and John the other day. I haven't been on the board for a few months. I sign in... the whole place is different again... and here you are. *hug*
  10. What it was and what it has evolved into are potentially two different things, depending on your point of view.
  11. Not as pregnant as you. ;-)

  12. Photos you've taken

    Isn't that what the whole "pictures and photography" forum is for?????????? *Facepalm*
  13. And your point is?

  14. More tongue please.