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  1. Silly boys. You're not picking up what I'm laying down. Look at the top all time post counts in the column on the right. (See attached image) Mine shows just 8,182 posts yet if you look in my profile or my avatar on the left of this post it shows 28,529. Why the discrepancy? The 28,529 number is correct. It's pretty meaningless in the scheme of things. Just curious.
  2. This is basically directed at Troy but for everyone else to see. I popped in today and happened to look at all-time post counts for shits and giggles. The numbers seem really low. I seem to remember Phee being close to 50,000, and that was 3-4 years ago. I was over 20,000. What's going on? Did we all lose a bunch after a board software update?
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