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  1. Who Here Is Single

    For the first time in almost 3 years I beginning to feel the all too familiar sting of "single and hateing it" it's driving me insane because in my head I shouldn't feel like this, it's highly illogical and irrational but my heart is singing a very different tune as of late. Don't get me wrong I am some of the best company I've ever kept but the stupid chest muscle now wants girl company, and the sad ( but highly laughable... And you will laugh!) reality is I am so far out of touch with the ladies I wouldn't even know how to rectify the issue. Imagine a great rock of confidence becoming a quivering mound of jello at the prospect of chatting up a sexy girl and you will have some idea of what I mean. Funnier still??? The ones who I am attracted to and can interact with no problem are off limits!
  2. What do you do in the summer?

    Lets see... [Engine Work+Turbo+Nitrous+Exhaust+Wheels+Tires+Suspention+Composite Work×2 (for my bike & car)]÷2(time spent both riding and driving)=lots of speeding tickets! I cant wait till summer comes!
  3. What Song Is Stuck In Your Head Right Now?

    NIN- Closer (its cuz Im mad horny!)
  4. bite back! in a nice way of course... no wait did I say nice? I ment now that sounds about right
  5. buy her drink and discuss the details of the and the lil bit of and the ending from earler
  6. Who Here Is Single

    its shit like that that fucks it all up for other guys. (the drama and general pig headed-ness, not the teddy bear)
  7. Who Here Is Single

    in the beginning, I was 100% ok with being single. I embraced it and for some time it was good. I did not take into account that my horny level would rise at a near geometric rate, porn and self "help" no longer work. After 2.5 years, I have come to find that being single is not a great as I had once thought, at least in that reguard.