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  2. TO MOM ON MOTHER'S DAY. Something Cold returns to Nancy Whiskey May 12th (Happy Mother's Day) for another night of isolation anthems. Daniel Stolarski (Passed Loves/Replicant) joins us on the turntables once again with another inestimably bleak set. Not to be missed! Something Cold + Passed Loves DJs spinning minimal-synth, industrial, coldwave and post-punk records as we slip away into the night... Sunday, May 12th 10pm - 2am FREE Nancy Whiskey's 2644 Harrison St Detroit, MI 48216
  3. LEGO appreciation thread

    I work at the Lego store at Somerset Collection....
  4. Would love to move to SW Detroit, somewhere near Hubbard Farms would be great.
  5. industrial music appreciation thread
  6. your "repeat1" songs

    THIS is the best synth song ever made, sir!
  7. Synths that literally ROCK your world

  8. upcoming concerts

    Minimal-synth band YOU. is having their release party on the 26th of December.
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  10. Amen. I admire the fashion aesthetic of any Factory records artist myself. Well put together, cardigans, blazers, vests, tight pants, nice shoes, very monochromatic.
  11. Never really lucky enough to meet those kind of girls. Or if I am, i'm too socially awkward or shy to strike up a conversation. I'm a real Morrissey sometimes. haha.
  12. PHYSICAL: Height - I'm short as it is, at like 5'5, so i'd like them to be shorter than me. I love tiny girls. Weight/body type - I like women with curves as well as slender ones. Not really picky though as look as you carry yourself well. Eyes - I don't really care. Hair - I love girls who have cute hair, lots of layer. No straight, unlayered, one length, long boring mess. Short/medium length preferred. Skin - I'd prefer pale, not really into tans. Light skinned. Character - Outgoing, open minded, free spirited, passionate, enthusiastic, spontaneous, considerate, understanding, lovable, sweet, charming, and very adventurous and driven. Liberal or very leftist. I'm a big Demo-Socialist and into anarcho-philosophies and love speaking about human rights and philosophy and political ideologies so it'd be nice to share that with someone. I also would like them to be against gender roles. Clothing: Sense of style is a must. I love fashionable girls. Cute, wears lots of skirts/dresses, bows/hair accessories make my heart melt. I love cardigans and sweaters. Cute shoes or boots. Girls who are fixy without being too 'fashionista' win my heart. EMOTIONAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL: Sensible and stable. Has stories to tell and lessons they have learned and open about. Someone who I can learn from, and vice versa. PERSONALITY: Uh, see "Character" really. SPIRITUALITY: Not very important. I'm open minded. No Evangelical or Fundies, please. SEXUALITY: Straight. Bisexual girls typically really rub me the wrong way. Sexuality is very important to me in a relationship. I'm a very sexual person and very open about it - and its important to be with someone who is also very sexually driven and into getting off as much as I am. :3 HOBBIES/INTERESTS: MUSIC! I am a huge music snob and collector and I love meeting likeminded people in sharing that passion. A girl with a record collection is the sexiest thing ever. You show me yours, i'll show you mine. Also nature, urban exploring, animals, pointless drives and adventures, film buff, collector of weird or kitschy things, into helping others, and being part of something. JOB: As someone said before me. If you have one in Michigan, I'm impressed. FAMILY: I like someone without daddy or mommy issues, please. I will not deal, I'm far too laid back and chill.