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  1. How Are You Feeling?

  2. I hope the city gets it's house back in order. Otherwise, the only ones who lose are the people who put their work in, like the city employees who are likely to get their pensions messed with... my step dad was a city cop for a looooooong time, and depends on his pension. :/
  3. World Steam Expo

    I haven't been able to get back to MI for any of these.... however, we do have AnomalyCon here in Denver, and next year, we will have Cory Doctorow!!!!! And, there's an exclusive breakfast thing you can get tickets to with him. So you should all come out and visit Denver next year! :D
  4. I've been re-reading The Dresden Files series.
  5. Sending Birthday Wishes :)

  6. Hey guys! Mike Wooley (Wooleybooley) has made a new comic we can all appreciate, and needs funding to get it printed. How can you help, you ask? Buy a spiffy first printing, signed and everything, here:
  7. Aging

    You're only as old as you act.
  8. what are you doing right now?

    Being disgusted and horrified, as I have just found out that a certain very popular and well known steampunk leatherworker has been abusing a friend of a friend for months. She only just got home to california, and has come out with the news, posting pictures of finger shaped bruises all over her.
  9. Steampunk

    Off The Beaten Path bookstore is now carrying my jewelry!
  10. How Are You Feeling?

    Tired. In so many ways.
  11. What Are You Thinking?

    Too late. Couldnt figure itd be there forever...
  12. upcoming concerts

    Just saw Blind Guardian out here.
  13. Nope, they filmed in Toronto. They featured the Hairy Tarantula comic shop.
  14. How Are You Feeling?