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  1. I know I am late. But I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love Ya!
  2. What Are You Thinking?

    Maybe I am feeling envious. But I know you are going on a cruise to the Bahamas. Do you have to keep posting about it on Facebook?
  3. Mine wouldn't be that strange. We just all live on a big farm and milk cows and grow things. Maybe lots of trees cause I like trees. Then every night we would all play D&D. Lord of the Rings would be required reading. And everyone has to change their name to something Hobbity or Elvish. See. That's not very strange at all.
  4. What Are You Thinking?

    Every time my mother comes over she complains to me about how much her cable bill is. I don't even have cable. Then she hands me a bag of food that is outdated. And not just a few weeks or a month outdated. Over a year outdated. But I always say thank you.
  5. Are there any old horror movies that still freak you out? Most of the older 1970's and 1980's horror movies seem rather tame and even comical now. But the one that still freaks me out is the original Amityville Horror. That movie still gets me! I watch a documentary of it and that even freaked me out! I have no ideal why I am so freaked out by that movie.
  6. A while back I was at a family gathering. I was working in a retail store that was kind of crappy. The store being crappy not so much the job. Items got miss marked or out of stock, stuff like that. I knew the place had issues but I was just working there part time trying to earn some extra money for the household so there wasn't much I could do about how crappy the store was. So anyway, I went to this family picnic. This person who had married into the family so I did not know her that well, walks up to me and says "hello, Oh you are working at that such and such store don't you." To which I answer "yes I do." She then goes off on this rant at me about everything that is wrong with the store and why she won't shop there. She runs down the store manager saying that the store manager needs to get the workers in line cause they don't know how to do their jobs!. Then she just walks off. I thought it was rude and I was a bit mad about it. I mean I never asked her for her opinion of the store. She just walked up to me and started ranting about it knowing full well that I worked there. Then walked off before I could say anything. Well.....a few years ago she died and I attended the funeral. You know how people only want to say nice things about people at funerals. The pastor holding the funeral got up to speak. One of the things he said was that Mrs. Smith(not using real name) would tell you what you needed to hear, not what you wanted to hear. Everyone attending the funeral nodded in agreement. So.... I take it to mean that it was a nice way to say that she said to me at the family picnic, she must have been that way with everyone. Just walk up to people and start ranting about what is wrong with them like she did me. Do you think that was what was meant when it was said at the funeral that she would tell you what you needed to hear not what you wanted to hear?
  7. Yes I watch them as well !
  8. It now almost the end of Jun. and I she still has not taken me to Red Lobster. I don't think we are going.
  9. I'm not sure if the story is true or not as I did not research it. But wow! UPDate: Snopes is saying this is fake. But still a good read.
  10. My mother in law brought a house in town that is surrounded by trees! Younger trees as well as older trees. She is cutting them all down! Her reason for doing this is she does not like squirrels! And I guess she does not like trees neither. I'm one of them tree hugging people. So I think the whole thing is just sad. My husband said he thinks she is being a mean old women. LOL !
  11. Hi how you all doing? Looking back over some old post of mine I found one with me talking about my daughter being in kindergarten. Now she will be going into 7th grade. The passing of time is truly an amazing thing.
  12. I have wonder about the narcissist thing. If that was the case or not. It seems she will help me out if it does not interfere with what she wants to do. If it does there is lots of screaming ( asking her for help with my wedding comes to mind) I had my grand parents and my father who took care of me, and I follow a higher power so I think that is why I grew up without a lot of issues. At this point I am not really seeking to improve our relationship. I simply accept it for what it is. If and when she ever wants to go to Red Lobster that will be fine. If not, well I'm not going to be crying alone in my apartment over it. I have made a life for myself without her being much of a part of it. I'm use to it at this point. Through at times I do become envies of people whom have what I see as a "real mother." All I can do is make sure I be a better mother to my own kid then she was to me.
  13. Yeah okay. I have a strange relationship with my mother. There is a history behind it. She wanted a kid but didn't want to have to do the parenting if you know what I mean. So she sent me off to stay with grandma so she could do her own thing. So now it is like she doesn't really feel like she is my mom so to speak. It is kind of hard to explain. She also likes to party and I was never into that sort of thing. So she only likes to hang out with people who like to party. I am more of a stay home watch Netflix, take care of my kid, and play computer games person. She has a "man friend" that she hangs out with. She never invites me over for holidays cause she is always doing something with her "man friend." She will say to me "Me and Norm are having Thanksgiving together,where are you going for Thanksgiving?" So I just do my own thing. She pops by once in a while, drops off some food item she does not want. Tells me what her and her "man friend" are doing that day then leaves. That's it. It is just the way things are between us and I accepted it. Well thanks for letting me talk that all out.
  14. My mother comes up with this stuff for us to do but never follows through with it. The latest one being that we will go have lunch at Red Lobster. This started back at the end of Feb. She calls me up and tells she got a gift card for Red Lobster and that me and her can go when the weather gets better. This went on through March her telling me we will go when the weather gets better. So.....the weather got better. Now she tells me we will go when she gets the money. She does this stuff a lot. It is always her ideals but she never follows through with it. I just say "sure mom whatever that will be fine." Knowing that it is most likely not going to happen. Oh well.