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  1. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Mr President Happy birthday to you Thanks, Mr President For all the things you've done The battles that you've won The way you deal with U.S. Steel And our problems by the ton We thank you so much Everybody, happy birthday
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    World Up My Ass, Circle Jerks
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    Macarena~Los del Rio
  4. What losses would we be cutting? Militarily, we've accomplished everything possible: it is impossible to fight terrorism on "battlefield" because by nature, terrorism is impossible to achieve from a "battlefield". The resistance we meet is specifically aimed towards our occupation, when we leave, it stops. The civil war there we have no way of stopping, not even if our administration hadn't blundered the operation from the beginning. It is time to take the training wheels off the Iraqi government and say "ride, you motherfucker, yes, ride." It is unfair to ask someone else to die for a mistake--that issue is between your president and History, it is not my concern. I see a lot of able seeming men and women from ages 20 through 40 who pay utterance to supporting the Iraq war, many of them the most rabid neocons you'll ever want to meet, yet for all the tons of lonely rifles our military assuredly has, I only see stupid yellow ribbon magnets on the bumpers of cars: Yellow ribbons are useless--they don't make the war look any better, they only make your car look worse. We could make this thing go much faster if people who support the war would just go and get a rifle--join your brothers or your boyfriends, your wives and your daughters, Christ, it is not so difficult to get the US military to give you a rifle. I'm not sure what notion people have about that. I mean for Fuck's sake.
  5. I feel that this is a decent mindset, but I would differ somewhat: military people get to vote every election year just like the rest of us, after that, the military is a tool of the people and not the other way around--most everyone realizes that when they enlist. What I would suggest instead, is that everyone who feels that it is noble for the United States to go around setting up and nurturing neo-Islamist governments in the name of fighting wars on any other nation's soil than our own, no matter if that nation is involved with our enemies or not, should seek a military recruiter~ No excuses. It doesn't matter if you have a family, or a bad back, or you feel too old, just go to the recruiter and see if they will take you--it never hurts to try. By this point in the war, they may even take some of the people from this board. Request infantry and request duty in Iraq. See if you have what it takes to hack it. Until then, you are bloodless suggesting that anyone else should fight. As for me, I've done my part, I carried a rifle for the Marines for four years. And I know a person who died in Iraq, it took them two weeks to recover his body and when they finally did, it was in several pieces. While there is not much else I would enjoy more than witnessing a bunch of neocons getting sliced to ribbons, I do not support this war continuing. People who support this war should enlist.
  6. You are completely mischaracterizing this war. Iraq has nothing to do with "terrorism". We choose Iraq as the place to host our war, a war which has nothing to do with Iraq, because Iraq housed a convenient scapegoat named Saddam Hussein. While we realize that our very presence in Iraq means greater unrest in that place with each day, we meanwhile talk about bringing stability and peace to that region, and while we realize that our war needlessly murders hundreds of innocent Iraqi's each month we meanwhile speak of the evils of civilian killing terrorism. -Ironic that we should talk of "freedom seeds", considering that Iraq is merely a third party host to a war which has nothing to do with it.
  7. As the 9/11 Commission concluded years ago, there was no link between Iraq and terrorism, no terrorist training camps, etc. The hundreds of these style groups now in Iraq (without training camps) (our gift to the Iraqi people) will definitely attack us on our own soil as well as in Iraq. There is no backbone which we can militarily snap, so far as these groups are concerned--is the goal to return Iraq to the "peaceful" and terror-free state it once was, as before our invasion? In fact, we do the recruiting for these terrorist groups with our presence there, all they have to be able to afford are lessons on flying jets and a few box cutters, at absolute most and we can have the same results again, only now we have many more of these groups each day, to try to deflect.
  8. With the main difference in day-to-day life in the present Afghanistan being that where as police used to be able to stop you in public and beat you to death because (if you are a man) your beard was too short or (if you are a woman) too much of your wrists were showing, and the now police of Afghanistan only being able to jail you for those offenses to Islam, I am not confident that a "free and democratic" Iraq is very worthwhile. If a majority of people decide that people who do not follow Islam are criminals, it really doesn't equal freedom...more succinctly, democracy is potentially worthless, it is empty to concern ourselves with simply that. And freedom is a mere phantom if one recalls that Islam is the basis for the Iraqi constitutional document. -Being that the modern Iraqi army and police force are only there because there is no where else they can receive a paycheck is not particularly promising, either, especially not if one realizes that they are already responsible for operating torturous "death squads". It is most important to remember that there is nothing to cut and run from. And who are we protecting the current Iraqi “government” from anyway, other groups whom are similar to them but whom follow a slightly different brand of religious absolutism? -We’ve installed and fostered these types of governments in the past [reference Saddam Hussien’s Bathists and the Taliban] and have nothing to show for it. What a stupid, stupid war.
  9. Phee and Paperheart's "SERIOUS" thread

    Poor lamb. Seriously. It's funny how God likes a good senseless massacre of a goat, isn't it?
  10. Phee and Paperheart's "SERIOUS" thread

    Yes, because I had a serious routine worked out where I would offer you in barter for an amount of dry goods. I bet you let yourself go for nothing, didn't you?
  11. Phee and Paperheart's "SERIOUS" thread

    I seriously wish I could have been the one to give Phee away at the wedding ceremony.
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    The Smiths, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
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    Marty Robbins, A White Sport Coat And A Pink Carnation
  14. DGN Coffee house...

  15. DGN Coffee house...

    Freedom sucks. Freedom kills people.
  16. DGN Coffee house...

    I'm just not into that, Brenda.
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    The Long Blondes~Seperated By Motorways
  18. DGN Coffee house...

    Well congratulations, anyway. I'm glad for you.
  19. DGN Coffee house...

    Ha! so did you save any cake? -For the sheep, I mean.
  20. DGN Coffee house...

  21. Please consider adding 99 Luftballons, by Nena, to the playlist. It is the best song ever. You might need the English version as well as the German version.
  22. Phee and Paperheart's "SERIOUS" thread

    I don't do the tapioca, but rice pudding was invented by the Romans, and I seriously could live off it. Although I lack a toga.
  23. Phee and Paperheart's "SERIOUS" thread

    Is rice pudding serious?
  24. Phee and Paperheart's "SERIOUS" thread

    Well, too bad we don't get to go out for drinks any more. We seriously had fun watching Steve almost get flattened by cars.
  25. Phee and Paperheart's "SERIOUS" thread

    You are more serious than you thought.